Bobbi Althoff’s AI-Generated Deepfake Explicit Video Goes Viral, Leaked on Twitter, Reddit

The 26-year-old Bobbi Althoff has become a social media sensation due to a video in which she appears in explicit scenes that have gone viral on social media platforms like Twitter, and Reddit.

However, it is believed the video was created using Deepfake AI technology and is not real.

Hours, after the explicit video started going viral on social media and the name of Bobbi Althoff, began trending on X (formerly Twitter) the internet personality acknowledged the video and cleared the confusion via an Instagram story.

In her story, she wrote,

“Hate to disappoint you all, but the reason I’m trending in 100% not me & is definitely AI-generated.”

Below’s the screenshot of Bobbi’s Instagram Story-

Bobbi Althoff

Bobbi is the host of “The Really Good Podcast.”

Recently, she was in the media headlines because of her divorce from her husband Cory Althoff.

Cory was the one to file for the divorce, citing that they were growing apart, and things weren’t on the same track between them anymore.

Below’s the Instagram post from Bobbi Althoff confirming split from her husband-

But there was online speculation that it happened because singer Drake was involved in an intimate relationship with her.

According to netizens, Bobbi hooked up with Drake, and after the word got out, they even deleted their podcast from the channel.

Bobbi addressed the whole issue, and that can be checked out here.

Bobbi Althoff’s AI Deepfake Leaked Explicit Viral Video

Returning to the viral explicit video, Bobbi Althoff is seen performing some adult acts in the explicit tape.

Though, Bobbi took her stance on the viral video, but the netizens still seem to not agree with her and believe the video to be real.

Check some of the netizen’s reactions below-

This viral video incident ignited the internet after her recent interview with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Watch The Podcast Below-

An argument began between them when Wiz mentioned he works for his son, and Bobbi took it too literally and somewhat seemed confused asking, What his son do.

Watch the clip of the argument between Wiz and Bobbi below-

When he clarified that he meant his son inspired him to work so hard, Bobbi countered that he should’ve been clearer with his statement rather than stating something so confusing. This resulted in a heated chit-chat between the two.

The argument led to heavy trolling of Bobbi on social media where one user even called for her to “disappear from our screens.”

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