WATCH: Boggles1’s Latest AED Defibrillator Stunt On Livestream Leaves Netizens Shocked

Boggles1, a popular Twitch streamer, has once again made headlines with his dangerous stunt involving an AED defibrillator. Known for his risky pranks and stunts, he has captured the attention of many on social media.

Earlier in January, he was temporarily banned from Twitch for creating content related to self-harm. He even shared a clip showcasing himself sticking forks in a toaster, leading to electrocution.

Livestream Viewers Shocked by Boggles1’s Dangerous AED Defibrillator Stunt

A video shared on Twitter shows him with an AED defibrillator, a tool used to administer electric shocks to restart the heartbeat in patients suffering from cardiac arrest. Typically, it is used by medical professionals. Shockingly, in the viral clip, he uses the device on himself, resulting in him falling on his desk and fainting.

Before using the device, he says- 

“Will this hurt, will this hurt? Is this safe chat, is this safe?”

Right before using it-

“Is it electric, is there a current? (Breathes heavily) No I am backing out.”

It should be noted that the use of a defibrillator on a healthy body can have severe consequences, such as organ damage and skin burns. Even medical doctors use the device cautiously while administering shocks to patients. Giving shocks to those who don’t require them can lead to chronic health problems.

The video of Boggles1 quickly went viral on the internet, garnering the attention of the masses within hours of posting. Judging by his past actions, the video doesn’t come as a shock to many.

Additionally, in the clip, he appears scared while using the device. Plus, many are speculating that the device might be fake and that the entire scene was staged for the camera. However, this has not been officially confirmed yet.

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