How To Boost App Downloads And Ask Users To Rate And Review

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You have finally built your app- Congratulations!!

You have designed a user-friendly app with a view to boosting business and user engagement. Now the major issue arises when no one is downloading your app. 

In that case, you may change the app description, change the logo, and ask the developer to fix if there are any bugs. But along with these, you also have to put little effort so that users will find your app and allow you to make some real money. 

Getting maximum downloads for the app will always be a dream for any business owner. 

More than 1300 apps are published each day, and over five million apps are available in the Play Store and App Store. These figures indicate that there is too much competition out there, so how you can stand out from others and increase app downloads. 

In this post, we will discuss how to boost app downloads and ask users to rate your app. 

How To Increase App Downloads

There is already cut-throat competition on the App Store and Play Store. Convincing users to download your app is quite challenging. You have to promote your app in such a way so that users find it exciting and willing to install your app. But how to convince them? Let’s discuss a few strategies that help you boost app downloads. 

#1 Make Your App Free

People like freebies. Free apps receive more downloads than paid apps. After all, no one wants to pay for an app that they use rarely? More than 93% of Android Apps are available for free. 

If you want to increase app visibility and downloads, offer your app for free with enticing features. It will attract users and help you achieve that initial swell of traction. This will also help you make a solid customer base. As a result, if they are satisfied with your products and services, they will leave reviews, and these reviews will play an important role in steady growth. 

Once you start getting enough downloads and reviews, you can leverage app monetization strategies to drive revenue and traffic. You may wonder how food delivery apps such as Zomato, GrubHub, and foodpanda similar app earn huge revenues despite offering discounts, but their major revenue comes from advertising. 

#2 Improve Your App Store Optimization 

ASO is specifically conducted to boost the visibility and presence of your app in the marketplace. People usually mix the terms SEO and ASO, but both are different. Effective implementation of ASO strategies helps you increase app downloads and attracts potential buyers to install your app. 

ASO includes multiple things such as app icons, descriptions, screenshots, keywords, etc. Business owners need to understand each term in order to rank higher your app in the respective stores. The main aim here is to increase app downloads. 

Here are some of the major ASO factors you must consider to increase app visibility such as, 

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • App icon
  • App description
  • Images and videos
  • Ratings and reviews 

Once you start working on this, your will app will surely give you the expected results. 

Why Are Positive App Reviews So Important

More than 90 % of consumers trust online reviews, just like personal recommendations. 

Positive reviews and ratings turn your users into advocates for your mobile app. If your app has a number of positive reviews, people will surely notice it and download it without giving a second thought. More reviews indicate how good and user-friendly is your app. Once you start getting positive reviews, the search engine will automatically improve your rankings. 

Moreover, if you have a good number of positive reviews, new users will download your app without hesitation. It means reviews and ratings also improve the user penetration rate. 

But how to ask users to rate and review your app? Let’s examine certain ways. 

#1 Review Plug-ins 

At the time of app development, it is always advised to integrate app review plugins within the app. This is the best and smart way to get reviews and ratings from users. The majority of developers use this technique but make sure sometimes pop-ups can be annoying, and therefore care has to be taken while integrating such plugins. 

#2 Customer Support

We can not read the user’s mind, but it is important to know what they feel about our products and services for better customer service. Well, you can not ask them directly. And it also won’t be wise to call/text your users and keep asking about your services. 

A smart way is by integrating customer support in your app. The in-built customer help section motivates users to install it. During the help process, you can ask them to review and rate your app. This is the smart and wise step that helps you collect feedback from users. 

#3 Offer Bonus Points for Reviews

Give your users a valid reason to review your app by offering bonuses and incentives. A common way to encourage users is to reward them with points in return for giving ratings. 

Make sure you ask users to leave honest feedback. Otherwise, both Google and Apple both have a strict policy; you can not force users to leave positive reviews and give 5-star ratings. They may remove your app for violation.

Bottom Line

Generating more downloads and getting positive reviews for your app is not an easy task. You have to consider many aspects. It requires both quality and consistency. If you want to increase the user base, you have to follow the above-mentioned tips that steadily improve conversion rates and maximize ROI and Boost App Downloads.

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