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Braintree Stabbing Suspect, Jared Ravizza’s Alleged ‘Obama Hope’ Post Controversy Explored

The social media post of the suspect in the Braintree stabbing case, which went viral, has surfaced on the internet attracting, social media users. 

In March this year, Jared Ravizza made an allegedly pro-Obama social media post. During a movie screening at the AMC theater, Jared Ravizza stabbed a knife into four teenage girls. 

Reportedly, Jared shared a poster of “Obama Hope” on his personal social media account. 

Various claims are witnessed by numerous Conservative voices on X (formerly Twitter), which include the voice of certain journalists as well. However, the authenticity of the claims made on X seems unverifiable. 

According to Newsweek, Jared Ravizza was not only involved in stabbing four teenage girls in the theater, rather it was found later that she stabbed two adults in McDonald’s in Plymouth and harmed them.

About Jared Ravizza’s Controversial Post

Jared Ravizza’s Instagram post which is currently in discussion has an animated picture of Barack Obama, the former President of the United States of America. Moreover, the poster is clipped to the wall. 

The poster also displays a message written on it as “HOPE”. The US is going to witness its US Presidential Polls in November this year. Thus, the post was allegedly prepared a few months before the election season, especially during a peak time. 

People on the internet who shared the alleged image heavily claimed that either Ravizza is an Obama is Joe Biden supporter. 

Moreover, Times Now reported that the claims floating on the internet require verification involving a thorough investigation by an independent authority. 

Netizens’s Reaction to the Suspect and The Alleged Image

As the identity of the suspect was revealed, numerous reactions could be witnessed on the social media platforms. A user went to X, formerly Twitter and wrote, “Hi I’m Jared ravizza and I can’t wait to vote for Joe Biden!”

A famous conservative account on X, Libs of TikTok also reacted to the Obama poster controversy. The user wrote, “Remember when an loving Obama… went on a stabbing spree in Massachusetts and sent 4 young girls to the hospital? I remember like it was yesterday.”

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