Bring Feng Shui to Your Home: Here is How

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With many terms like Feng Shui and feng shui consultation going around, one wants to know its meaning. The literal translation of the words Feng and Shui is wind and water in Chinese. The basic principle behind feng shui is that humans link to the environment and its flow through it. 

Therefore, it means to create an order with a balance in the household or the general setting with the end goal being able to create harmony. It is a common belief that the path to contentment requires harmony with nature. The principles of feng shui incorporate nature. It is believed that the closer an individual is to nature, the more content he is and will be. 

The way to achieve this balance is not hard but allows you to kick start a life that has an essence to it and if you are looking for ways to bring peace and harmony to your home, bring in feng shui and with a few essential steps and live a more fulfilling life.

Easy steps to Feng Shui in your home

With a few easy steps, here and there, you will be on your way to live a serene and happy life. This article is a complete feng shui consultation to get you on track!

#1 Brighten up the entryway 

In Chinese, the front doorway of the house is the “mouth of qi.” This is the source from which positive energy enters the house. It is, therefore, the first place you should start from to make good feng shui enter your home. 

You can begin with cleaning up the entryway and get rid of all the unessential objects and debris. Declutter, sweep, and clean up everywhere. To make your space look more appealing, add large windows, or tie up the blinds to allow sunlight to fill the room. 

#2 Clean up the windows

Clean windows bring in more light. They are the souls of a house that helps to connect the outside world with the inside. The whole concept of feng shui is to brighten up your space, and spotless windows are a sure shot way to achieve it. Sunlight boosts moods, renders color, brings vibrancy, expands, and energizes the area. It helps to make you see the world with clarity and clearness. The windows of the house allow it to happen. 

#3 Check the doors 

Doors bring in opportunities in the literal sense. Therefore, it is essential to give them some time and attention. The energy that comes with feng shui needs open and clean doors to pour in from. You should change all old doors, ensure they open without creaking, fix the hinges, and guarantee that they open as effortlessly as possible. Declutter all the things hiding behind them so that they open fully and without any obstruction. 

#4 Commanding position 

Each article in the house represents you and the essentials in life. The bed is a representation of yourself. The desk is your career, and the stove is the wealth that you gather. Align each feature in a way that ensures your command. For instance, when you are on the bed, at the desk, or on the stove, you should be able to visualize the door. The door is the gateway to success and opportunities and should be in sight all the time. 

#5 Get rid of hurdles in your path  

This means that you need to clear your path inside the home. From the time you wake to your bathroom. To the first coffee of the day, your path needs to be clear of all obstacles. These obstacles are hurdles that need to be sorted for a happier life. As they build over time, they contribute to unhappiness and accumulate problems. Clear them away for an accentuated life experience that is complete and whole.

#6 Add space

Declutter and create space. These start from the closet to the laundry space. And include that little drawer that no one uses. In feng shui, when you create more spaces, you are inviting fresh opportunities. These are for yourself that might give you better prospects. Organize, clean, and sweep out congestion, get a fresh start and clear away!

#7 Bring in some greens

Plants embody energy. To spruce up your spaces with high energy, get some plants. They provide a little hint of nature within your home which brings in freshness, health, vitality and also helps purify the air. You can see it for yourself, set up a plant in a dull corner, and see how it lives it up and bring tons of vibrancy!


Feng Shui is a means to create harmony with one’s surroundings which can be bought inside the home. With a few necessary steps, you can live a healthier life. And one that is more peaceful and fulfilling. 

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