Brit Student Miles Routledge Claims – He’s Stuck In Afghanistan After Going There ‘On Holiday’

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According to the report of ‘The Sun’, 22-year-old Miles Routledge originally from Birmingham had gone to Afghanistan for a holiday, but now he is stuck there and wants to return somehow. Miles is currently in the United Nations Safe House in Kabul. He tried several times to get out of Kabul, but could not succeed.

Physics student Miles Routledge is fond of adventure and this adventure has now become the enemy of his life. Miles had searched the Most Dangerous Cities to Visit on Google, in which the name of Kabul also came up. After that, he left for Afghanistan. Miles said, ‘As was reported, I thought that the Taliban would not be able to capture Afghan for at least a month, so I went here for a walk’.

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Miles has been providing information about his Afghan trip on social media. On Sunday, he had said in the post, ‘The situation here is very dangerous. I have accepted my death. This journey of mine has in a way been a test of God. I am very religious, so I am sure I will be taken care of.

In one of his Facebook posts, the student has written, ‘There is no flight from Kabul. I am badly stuck here and very scared. Miles also said that it is possible that the Taliban will keep me alive because they can bargain with my help. Let us tell you that the situation in Afghanistan has become very bad. A large number of people are fleeing the country.

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This is a view of the bus stand at Kabul International Airport. Crowds of people are visible everywhere. Everyone wants to get on the plane before the other so that they can fly away from Afghanistan as soon as possible. To control the situation, the US Army has also had to fire in the air. US troops are there to evacuate their civilians from Afghanistan.

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