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BTS’ J-Hope Birthday Project 2022: How BTS Fans Are going to celebrate J-Hope’s Birthday in 2022



BTS' J-Hope Birthday Project 2022: How BTS Fans Are going to celebrate J-Hope’s Birthday in 2022

BTS’ J-Hope Birthday Project 2022: The Korean boyband BTS has a huge army of dedicated fans all over the world. From buying their merchandise to following them on social media, ARMYs are known for going above and beyond when it comes time extend support towards these south korean boys. Every single member’s birthday is celebrated as if they were an important international celebrity because afterall…they actually ARE!

J-Hope, a member of BTS, is going to turn 28 on 18 Feb 2022 and the BTS Army is very excited about it. People who like the band BTS (Bangtan Boys) call themselves the ARMY. They often prepare billboards and do other things to show their love for the band and their members on their birthdays under “Birthday Projects“.

This year, fans may feel a physical distance from J-Hope due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, several birthday-themed projects are underway to honor the memory of this group.


BTS’ J-Hope Birthday Project 2022: How fans will celebrate J-Hope’s 28th birthday

Even though J-Hope is far away, ARMYs are still celebrating his birthday for days before. Some people have been posting pictures on social media of their favorite moments with him. There is also a bus driving around with a huge sign that states “Go J-Hope.” Fans have also created a billboard in The Olympia Mall, Combodia that showcases this artist and his dance moves.

One user on Weverse (Korean mobile app and web platform) asked J-Hope if he would do a V Live for his birthday. The rapper responded with two shushing face emojis, which some people believe means that he will celebrate with ARMYs in a virtual way.

Let us tell you, J-Hope has also confirmed that he is working on a solo project. Some fans believe that he will release new music on Friday i.e. 17 February. However, the artist has not explicitly said that he will release his song. The white boxes on his Instagram have led some fans to believe that something exciting is about to happen on his birthday.


To honor the birthday of J-Hope, ARMYs have been giving away BTS merchandise. The pink and red theme is in honor for “Hope Day” which happens to be enough that it’s also close to Valentine’s day!

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There are new goals for J-Hope’s original songs. Fans want to get over 100 million Spotify plays on “Outro: Ego” and 130 million Spotify plays on “Chicken Noodle Soup.” They also hope that the album will reach the number one spot on iTunes.


Just last week, J-Hope shared a fun memory with the youngest member of BTS. In an video clip that went viral for all its adorable Deposit and filial behavior from Jungkook! The affectionate moment between them made fans swoon over how much they care about each other.

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