Iconic BTS’ SUGA Hairstyle Looks that die-hard ARMYs should not miss

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BTS is undoubted the most successful boy band in history that has reached a global height in such a short span of time. BTS has been nominated for numerous awards including Grammy. Currently, they are enjoying their global success with a crazy fan following. They first debuted in 2013 under the label Big Hit Entertainment now changed to Hybe. It consists of 7 members RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Each comes with its own set of talents and uniqueness. 

One of the members is Suga, the 29-year-old who had a rough upbringing that made to work hard to achieve his goals and get where he wants to be. Now that he is able to achieve his goals, he is generally known for his vocals and songs, he has reached a global height that many only dreams about in life. 

Also knowns as Agust D, he has made himself a fashion icon in South Korea. His amazing sense of clothing with different hairstyles always leaves the audience in awe. He is a great rapper but he is also a great stylist too. His looks throughout his career have made the BTS army fall to its knees. 

Suga loves to experiment with clothes and different colours when it comes to hairstyles He likes to play with different silhouettes and keep them switching up. One thing that he repeats and constantly progresses is his hairstyle. Every time he makes a public appearance or shoots a music video. Keeping up with the different trends is quite a task and suga nails it every time. His fans are always left speechless by his hair colours. From icy blue to peaky pink his charm makes every colour amazing. His messy hair loo with front hair falling on his forehead is one the most famous hairstyle in South Korea. 

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