Burnsview Secondary School Placed Under Lockdown For Prank Call, Investigation Underway 

Burnsview Secondary School was placed on “hold and secure” earlier due to an alleged unusual and dangerous situation nearby. The school is situated in North Delta, British Columbia, which was investigated by the police nearby, reported Delta Optimist.

Posts on social media claimed the presence of an active shooter at Burnsview Secondary School. However, the director of communications for the Delta School District, Cathryn Tucker, confirmed that the claims are fake. 

According to Times Now, Tucker said that, “This was not the case.” Moreover, he added that normal functioning had been resumed at the school. 

Later, the Delta Police also confirmed that it was a “prank fall.” The alleged call led to a huge gathering of police officials near the Burnsview Secondary in the North Delta. Police later clarified that it was a “swatting call.”

Highlights from the Investigation 

On Thursday afternoon, an update of the ongoing investigation was shared by the public affairs coordinator for Delta Police, A/Insp. James Sandberg. 

He confirmed that the police got a “report of an individual with a firearm at Burnsview Secondary” around 11:55 a.m.

Thus, the school administration was notified and urged to follow protocols of safety and security by initiating a lockdown. 

He said, “Officers arrived swiftly to assess the situation and ensure the safety of students and staff,” said Sandberg. “Officers determined that the report was false and there was no threat. This incident has been classified as a ‘swatting call.”

James Sandberg clarified that “swatting” means initiating a false impression of a crucial incident to provoke police response, citing an urgent scenario. 

He added, “The preservation of life is the primary duty of law enforcement. All calls reporting potential threats are taken seriously and treated as genuine until verified otherwise. Consequently, a significant police presence is deployed to ensure safety.”

When the police reached the spot and started the investigation, they realized that the report was fake. 

The public affairs coordinator for Delta Police added that such an incidence of filing a false report is regarded as mischief, a criminal offense under the Criminal Code.

Thus, an investigation has been rolled out to find the person behind the false call. 

In the wake of this, he added, “We urge the public to avoid spreading unverified information on social media, as it can cause unnecessary alarm within the community.”

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