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How To Structure Your Next Business Presentation

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When it comes to pitching your product, sharing your company vision, presenting sales analysis, or attracting the investors, PowerPoint presentations are the top-most choice by the corporates. An engaging business slide deck with eye-catching visuals, excellent content, and defined structure goes a long way in delivering a knockout presentation. Abundant with multimedia tools and audio-visual kick, PowerPoint presentations are quintessential to reinforce your brand and pitch your business ideas

Thirty million PowerPoint presentations are designed globally every day.

A presentation with a set structure is a requisite to render it unique from your competitors and enticing for your audience. Build gripping and appealing presentations with professionally tailored templates like business PowerPoint templates, Financial templates, Marketing templates from sites like SlideModel. A compelling business presentation combined with the essentials of slide design will assist impress your clients beyond measure. 

Here a few tips on how to structure your next business presentation professionally:

Attractive Slide Deck Templates

A PowerPoint presentation constructed with stellar templates will infuse your slide deck with just the right amount of attractiveness. Stock templates with mundane backgrounds are a thing of a past. Today’s digital era commands a presentation with invigorating and befitting templates suited to the business niche.

Pick a template which resonates the aesthetics of your brand, advocates your company culture and structures your ideas beautifully. SlideModel offers a plethora of 100% editable avant-garde templates like SWOT, PESTLE, Strategy templates, Brand Essence templates etc. to design your business presentation. 

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Powerful Landing Slide

In every business presentation, the first impression is a deal-breaker to impress your investors and stakeholders. A strong and emboldened landing slide or first slide is a must for a successful business slide deck. Incorporate it with attention-grabbing title, impactful headlines, name of the product or business and company logo or slogans. 

An impeccable splash slide is sure to hook your audience from the beginning of your presentation. Imbibe it with graphics and bold colours which corresponds to your brand’s culture. Spice it up with key phrases, strong quotes and questions. Ensure that your landing page takes less than 5 five seconds to read to make it more arresting. 


Bold Graphics

Structure and integrate your business presentation with vibrant and bold graphics. High-quality vector images, stunning iconography, and pixel- perfect illustrations will add the desired stars to your presentation. Show your ideas with persuasive visuals rather than telling them blatantly. 

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Compelling visuals render your presentation more comprehensive, captivating and charming. Assimilate such images which complement your topic and content in the slides. High resolution, non-blurred and appropriately handpicked imagery acts as an additional visual aid for your audience. 

Typographical peculiarities

Presenters often end up losing their clients attention with text-heavy slides which are monotonous to sit through. All images and no text is also not the right way to form a presentation. So, what to do? For a slide deck to be easily graspable, use bullet points rather than long paragraphs. 

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Choose easy to read functional fonts like Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman. Avoid using fancy fonts which might end up puzzling your audience. Set the font size to a readable limit. To capture the essence of your slide deck, use complementary fonts for the title and the slide body. For a more visually consistent presentation, make sure to use only 2-3 fonts throughout the slides. 

OBN via Data Visualisations- Opportunity, Benefits and Numbers

The corporate world is all about production, sales, marketing, competition and crunching the numbers. Colour-coded charts, tables, diagrams, flowcharts, timelines are consummate to project the company opportunities, benefits in the market and statistics. Leverage dynamic business intelligence tools like Power BI to create stunning data visuals.

Let us face it, that not everybody is from a financial background. To present quarterly sales reports, focus on profit, set product cost or pricing, visualising the data in a graphical form always makes the numbers more digestible for everybody.  Animate the graphics and enhance your statistics in the slide the bold way.

Employ a Vibrant Colour-Scheme

Inculcate your slides with a bold colour palette which is in line with your brand and appeals to your clients. Your background colour should always be in contrast with the text written on it. Dark and shaded backgrounds with a light coloured text or vice versa work best to keep the textual content readable. 

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Tailor your slide with complementary colours to create a high contrast colour scheme. Pick colours which are warm on the eyes and do not make your audience squint from the glare. Make your data visuals more lively and enchanting with colour-coding. For example- use red for losses, yellow for work in progress and green for profits. 

Problem-Solution Structure

Structure your slides on a problem-solution matrix to persuade your clients or management to believe in your business ideas. Focus your initial 1-3 minutes on the chief problems or conflicts in depth. Assimilate the slides with both intellectual and emotional content.

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Accompany the next few slides with the solutions to the problems. Deliver relatable content and end your presentation with a call-to-action. Keep your verbal cues on your tips to avoid any confusion. Choose a strategy, brainstorming and risk mitigation templates to keep the slides in a system. 

Demonstration Structure

A PowerPoint presentation is the most effective tool to showcase your product to your investors. Corporates should form their slides on a demonstrative structure To launch a new product or service. Start by disclosing why your product is formidable and its need in the market. 

Categorize and structure your subsequent slides with the problems that your product solves and why your target audience will choose your services. Display the financial information like cost, pricing, data of your competitors with potent visuals like charts, diagrams and others. Leave your audience wanting your product!

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If you want to be different from the herd of presenters in the corporate field, think differently. To read the text from your slides will not create the wow effect on your clients. An unforgettable presentation comprises a compelling and engrossing narrative. 

Storytelling is the most ancient way of presenting information cohesively in a seamless way. Storyboard your presentation with placing your slides in a story form. Build an enticing narrative behind the journey of your product and how you plan to overcome the challenges that come your way. 

Systematic Presentation Outline

To render your presentation with a clear outline base the slides on 10-20-30 rule. An ideal presentation embodies 10 slides which are not more than 20 minutes long. Generally, 20 minutes is the attention span of your audience. Any more slides and you risk losing their attention. Set your font size to 30 points or more for it to be readable for the audience at the back as well. 

The business world of the 21st century is dominated by technology. And, what’s better to divulge your business ideas than a presentation! A PowerPoint presentation designed with a professional touch is sure to sway your audience. So, the next time you find yourself confused as to how to structure your presentation, follow these tips, and garner praise from your bosses!

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