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Canadian Child Benefit Program: Updates, Eligibility, and Payment Details for 2024

The Canadian Child Benefit payment is a scheme started by the Canadian Government to aid the weaker sections of society, and data has revealed that it has been able to considerably reduce poverty in the country.

As in previous years, the CCB payments have been augmented to keep up with the rising cost of living, and top-up payments will be disbursed this year as well.

There is welcome news for the recipients of the Canadian Government’s Canadian Child Benefit program. Along with the hiked payments on June 20, 2024, an increase will also be effected in the payments for July.

Who Are The Beneficiaries Of The Canadian Government’s Canadian Child Benefit Program?

The scheme is open to Canadian residents for tax purposes and includes children below the age of 18. The scheme includes child disability benefits and other related provincial programs. The final benefit amount can vary according to the family’s income.

As already mentioned, the amount received varies according to the family’s income and the age of the children. For the period from July 2023 to June 2024, the upper limit of the benefits is $7,437 per year, which comes to $619.75 per month for children below six years and $6,275 per year or $522.91 per month for kids between 6 and 18 years. The amounts are available for families with a net income of $34,863 or less.

The top-up for this year is $350, and the benefit amount will increase from $7,437 to $7,787 for kids below six years and from $6,275 to $6,625 for kids in the 6 to 18 years category.

Shared Custody

If a couple has shared custody of their kids, each will get 50% of what they would have if they had full custody of the child. The final amount is calculated based on their own adjusted family net income.

Each parent with shared custody will get 50% of what they would have gotten if they had full custody of the child, and the amount is calculated based on their adjusted family net income.

Payments Are Recalculated in July

Come July, the CCB is recalculated based on the family’s adjusted family net income from the previous year. CCB is indexed to inflation. The July 2023 to June 2024 CCB amount is calculated based on the adjusted family net income from 2022.

Additional Provincial and Territorial Benefits

Additional benefits are offered to help families face the rising living costs of raising a family. The benefits could be added to the CCB payments or paid independently.

Children With a Disability

Any couple whose child qualifies for the disability tax credit can also accrue child disability benefits, which for the July 2023 to June 2024 period could be up to $3,173 ($264.41 per month).

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