Captain Gopichand Thotakura, ready to soar into space, encourages Indian youth to dream big: IANS Interview

In a ground-breaking achievement, Indian national Captain Gopichand Thotakura is all set to become the first Indian to travel to the edge of space as a tourist onboard Blue Origin’s next flight. His inspiring journey from Vijayawada to space is a testament to dreaming big and fulfilling aspirations.

Captain Gopichand’s dream of going to space and becoming an astronaut is finally becoming a reality. He expressed his excitement, saying, “The dream is finally coming to life, to be able to carry the spirit of over a billion people and go up there, almost 40 years since Rakesh Sharma went to space with the Russians in 1984.”

Having completed his studies in aeronautical engineering in the US, Captain Gopichand returned to India to work as a commercial pilot for medical operations before moving back to international medical rescue operations. Despite his successful career, his ultimate dream was always to go to space and now, he is on the brink of achieving it.

Calling on the young generation to dream big and aspire for greatness in the space sector, Captain Gopichand emphasized the importance of thinking outside the box and not letting anyone hinder their aspirations. He aims to inspire others to reach for the stars and break barriers in pursuit of their dreams.

As he gets ready to carry the Indian flag to space, Captain Gopichand’s achievement marks a significant milestone in the Indian space exploration journey. His story serves as a beacon of hope for future generations to believe in themselves and strive for greatness beyond boundaries.


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