10 Stunning No-Makeup Looks of Cardi B

Cardi B is a Hollywood rapper known for her pop culture-referenced rap songs. She rose to fame after the album “Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1.”

She also acted in the TV series “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” “Invasion of Privacy” was the album that rose and was tagged in the Billboard 200 song list.

Cardi B released collaborative music with Megan Thee Stallion named “Up” and “WAP” back in 2020. Cardi B has always been known for her dyed hair and manicures.

However, in this article, we’ll see pictures of Cardi B without any makeup, looking all-natural.

Cardi B No-Makeup Images:

1. Sleep in Sunday

Cardi posted a picture of her on her Instagram story without makeup. She has her hands manicured with yellow gel paint.

Cardi B No-Makeup

2. Wavy Looks

Cardi B has her hair orange and permed. This gives her hair a wavy and breezy look. Her face remains makeup-less here.

Cardi B No-Makeup

3. Simple Hoodie

Cardi B was spotted in public wearing a hoodie. She let her face be natural and she looks stunning!

Cardi B No-Makeup Images

4. Bodycon

Cardi B is wearing a stunning low-cut bodycon dress in this picture. She has her hair tied and a bandana across her forehead.

Cardi B Without Makeup

5. Fiery Red

Cardi B is wearing a loose grey T-shirt. Her hair is dyed grey in this and she has no makeup on her face.

Cardi B Without Makeup Images

6. Casual

Cardi B has her hair middle-parted here. She is wearing a black t-shirt. Her face has been kept natural and she looks pretty.

Cardi B Without Makeup

7. Beanie

Cardi B is rocking the beanie look in this picture. Her hair is puffed up, she has a tinge of lip gloss, and her face is kept natural.

Cardi B Without Makeup

8. Rainbow Hair

Here, Cardi B has her hair dyed in duo-tone strokes. She is not wearing any makeup here, her hair is middle-parted with front locks.

Cardi B Without Makeup

9. Pout It Out

In this selfie, Cardi B is pouting. She has no makeup and her skin seems to shine perfectly, making her look flawless.

Cardi B Without Makeup

10. Faded

In this picture, Cardi B is wearing a salmon-colored coord look, matching upper and bottom. She has no makeup here as well.

Cardi B Without Makeup

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