9 Careers That Are Perfect for Car Enthusiasts

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Do you consider yourself to be a petrol head? Are you looking to embark on a career capable of revving your engines on a day-to-day basis? If so, you should seriously consider getting yourself a job that will allow you to work closely with cars and other automobiles. This will aid you in your bid to enjoy a fruitful career and, given the amount of money that is now being pumped into the automotive trade, you could also end up earning a seriously healthy wage from this venture. 6 things to consider when buying a luxury car(Opens in a new browser tab)

No matter what it is specifically about cars that impassion you, rest assured there will be a vocation out there that suits you perfectly. To find seven exciting vehicle-based career routes that you should consider taking, be sure to read on. 

#1 Automotive engineer

Do your passions and expertise lie in vehicle design? If so, stop playing around with cars for fun and start building them in a professional capacity by becoming an automotive engineer! This is the ideal vocation for you if you’re good with your hands, have a natural curiosity for creating things, are able to think in a highly logical fashion, and, most important of all, want to make your mark on the next generation of motor vehicles.

If you want to play a crucial role in the creation of cars that stand the test of time, it’s imperative that you keep your finger on the pulse of all the latest vehicular trends. One trend that you absolutely must embrace at this moment in time is automation. As detailed here, autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more impressive by the year. In under a decade’s time, it is projected that most modern cars will have reached Level 5 on the automation chart. In layman’s terms, this means that the steering wheel will be optional! If you want to get ahead of the game when it comes to this outrageously impressive technology, you should devote time and effort to studying it now.

#2 Car dealer

Would you rather wear a suit than overalls? If so, you might want to consider landing yourself a role in a car dealership rather than an engineering production facility. Should you embark on this career pathway, you will be tasked with helping customers to find vehicles that suit their wants, needs, and specifications. The biggest perk of this job for car enthusiasts like yourself? You will be surrounded by all the best and latest car models throughout the course of each and every working day.

If you want to enjoy a long and successful career as a car dealer, you must:

1. Seek to build a rapport with every new prospective customer that walks into your showroom

2. Actively listen to everything that your customers have to say about their driving habits

3. Never disparage other dealers and refrain from being too pushy

4. Retain eye contact with your customers at all times

5. Discuss the price of the vehicle last (unless asked about it earlier on in the sales pitch)

#3 Motor journalist

Journalists don’t just cover general news stories, you know. There are a whole host of automotive media outlets (magazines, websites, blogs, social media pages, etc.) out there that are calling out for people to write for them. Should you decide to answer this call and become a motor journalist, you will be able to make a living out of talking about cars and sharing your automotive opinions. Seriously, could you imagine your career getting any better than that?

To succeed as a motor journalist, you must:

1. Learn everything there is to know about the automotive industry (latest cars, safe driving techniques, official race results, etc.)

2. Gain some experience as a writer (a writing/journalism degree isn’t a necessity, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt your cause)

3. Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest publication opportunities and enter as many writing competitions as you can

4. Compile a portfolio of your work and add to it every time you publish a new article

5. Build your own online platform (website, blog, social media page, etc.) and post quality content to it on a regular basis

6. Attend industry trade shows and speak to as many automotive professionals as you can (this will help you to come up with cool content ideas, and it will afford you the opportunity to interview interesting individuals)

#4 Vehicle model

You’ve no doubt visited your fair share of automotive expos in your time — how about attending your next one… as a model? Embarking down this career route will entail you standing next to new cars to promote them to passers-by. If you’re lucky, you might be afforded the opportunity to come into close contact with the car of your dreams. Better still, you might be allowed to sit in it!

#5 Mechanic

If getting your hands’ dirty sounds much more appealing than standing around looking pretty, you should consider the prospect of becoming a mechanic instead. Taking on this professional challenge will afford you an opportunity to get up close and personal with cars on a daily basis. On any given day, you could be tasked with sorting out all manner of vehicle-related problems.

Here are two crucial skills you must pick up if you want to make a decent living out of being a mechanic:

#6 Customer service

You might be incredibly adept at fixing cars, but your talents under the hood will only get you so far in your career as a mechanic. If you’re serious about realizing your full potential in this field, you also need to showcase excellent customer service skills.

Building up a rapport with your customers will increase the chances of them trusting you, which in turn will make them more likely to bring you their custom again in the future. If your customer service skills currently leave a lot to be desired, be sure to heed the advice and guidance laid out in this helpful article on the matter.

#7 Diagnostic

Your customers won’t have the time to wait around. They’ll want you to diagnose what’s wrong with their vehicles in a swift and seamless fashion so that they get on with their daily chores. If you want to keep your customers sweet in this sense, it’s imperative that you cultivate effective diagnostic skills. Once you hone this particular talent, you’ll have the capacity to pinpoint automotive problems in both a time- and cost-effective fashion.

#8 Restorer

Do you have a particular proclivity for vintage vehicles? Do you also just so happen to have a keen eye for detail? Well, it sounds like becoming an automotive restorer is your calling! In this role, you will be tasked with restoring retro motors to their former glory. One day you could be tasked with bringing a Jaguar E-Type back to life; the next, you could be tasked with tweaking a Chevrolet Corvette. 

As fun and fulfilling as this career pathway may be, make no mistake about the fact that it’s never going to be a walk in the park. Some of the classic cars that you are asked to restore will, quite literally, have been left to rot by their previous owners, which means that you will have your work cut out for you when you decide to take on this sort of role. 

If you’re serious about succeeding as a retro vehicle restorer, you’re going to need to understand the intricacies and nuances of the restoration process. For a basic overview of what you should expect to learn in this instance, make sure you check out this HowStuffWorks article

#9 Professional driver

Of course, if you want to spend your working hours out there on the open road, you should become a professional driver. Once you take on this occupation, you could find yourself driving all manner of distances and passing through any number of locations on a day-to-day basis. This is the perfect role for you if you have an urge an insatiable urge to travel.

Is spending your working hours behind the wheel of a vehicle your idea of perfection? If so, here are seventeen roles that you should consider applying for right away (and no, before you ask, becoming a Formula 1 racer is not a feasible option!):

1. Bus driver

2. School bus driver

3. Personal chauffeur

4. Valet

5. Taxi driver

6. Rideshare driver (Uber, Lyft, etc.)

7. Healthcare driver

8. Driving instructor

9. Freight trucking

10. Package delivery driver

11. Food delivery driver

12. Pet taxi driver

13. Vehicle advertiser

14. Road maintenance worker

15. Event services driver (limousines, party buses, etc.)

16. Film and T.V stunt driver

17. Factory test driver

If you want to enjoy a happy and fulfilling existence, you need to love your job. You spend 1/3 of your life working, so you must embark on a career that impassions you on a day-to-day basis. As a car enthusiast, this means that you should seek to land a role in any of the vocations listed above. 

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