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Carry Minati: India’s Gaming Industry Still in Its Infancy Despite Being a Hub for Gamers




Carry Minati: Despite being land of gamers, India's gaming industry in nascent stage

Mumbai, March 4 (IANS) India’s biggest YouTuber Carry Minati is set to return as a mentor for the 3rd season of the gaming reality show ‘Playground’. Carry Minati expressed his excitement for the upcoming season, emphasizing the need for India to revolutionize its gaming industry despite being a prominent gaming market.

Carry Minati stated, “I am thrilled to return to Playground as a mentor for the third season of the reality show. This season is all about embracing risks, pushing the limits, overcoming challenges, and unleashing the core ethos of gaming.” He further added, “I’ve been an avid gaming enthusiast throughout my career and this association is a natural extension of my passion and vision.”

As India is recognized as a land of gamers, Carry Minati aims to elevate the gaming market in the country, emphasizing that India is still at a nascent stage in terms of maturity and adoption in the gaming industry. His role as a mentor in ‘Playground 3’ will involve leading his team, Dare Dragons, in a captivating battle of reality over a 30-day period.


‘Playground 3’ introduces a new format focusing on individual achievement, where players will compete for the title of “Ultimate Gaming Entertainer”. The season will feature sixteen dynamic micro-influencers as contestants, led by four renowned mentors. The show will premiere on Amazon miniTV.

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