Center will have to apply oxygen if tax is stopped from Maharashtra: Shiv Sena

Fadnavis alleged that the state government harassed the supplier of Daman's Remedesvir because he was approached by BJP leaders for the supply of this drug in Maharashtra.

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In Maharashtra, the ruling Shiv Sena has targeted the BJP for objecting to the questioning of the top executive of a pharma company by the Mumbai police on the alleged hoarding and export of Remedesivir injection. He has criticized BJP leaders Devendra Fadnavis and Praveen Darekar and sought to know whether it was a conspiracy to spoil law and order and the health system?

Taking a dig at the BJP in its mouthpiece Saamana, the Shiv Sena has said, “The situation is such that instead of blaming each other, we should face the situation of Maharashtra together, but the Opposition’s agenda is straightforward.” His special efforts are going on with the help of the Center to ensure that the government of Maharashtra fails to fight Corona.

“Union Minister Piyush Goyal has started opposing anti-Maharashtra tensions like Javadekar, instead of advocating for Maharashtra,” Saamana’s editorial reads. Goyal claims that Maharastra is getting a maximum supply of Pranavayu (oxygen). Nevertheless, the Thackeray government has proved to be a failure in the fight against Corona. The question is that the central government is doing a big favor by giving Maharashtra the maximum amount of life? Maharashtra, including Mumbai, pours the most money into your vault of the Center, if the supply is stopped, then the nose and mouth of Delhi will have to be put to death. “

The Shiv Sena has said that Maharashtra has always been arranging the livelihood of the people of the country, even today, but today Maharashtra is in crisis, during that time, the Union ministers were troubling Maharashtra by waving the bookkeeping of the transactions. Huh.’

Fadnavis had accused the supplier of harassing Remedesvir

Mumbai Police on Saturday questioned the director of a pharma company after receiving information that thousands of injection vials were sent abroad despite the ban on export of Remedisvir.

On receiving information that the director of the company was to be questioned, former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and another state BJP leader Praveen Darekar immediately rushed to the police station. He said that the BJP is contacting pharma companies due to lack of Remedisvir in the state.

Fadnavis alleged that the state government harassed the supplier of Daman’s Remedesvir because he was approached by BJP leaders for the supply of this drug in Maharashtra.

However, in an editorial in Saamana on Monday, it has been alleged that politics is being done regarding the supply of oxygen and Remedesivir for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

It states that the Maharashtra government is not receiving Remedicivir injections, but BJP leaders are buying these injections directly from pharma companies.

The Shiv Sena has said that in Maharashtra it has never happened before that the leader of the opposition has advocated a pharma company instead of the state. The question has been asked in Saamana, “Is this not a conspiracy to spoil law and order and health system?”

The Shiv Sena has claimed that providing the available stock of injections directly to the BJP is a ‘crime’ committed by the pharma companies.

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