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Centre to purchase 30 LMT of parboiled rice from Telangana: Kishan Reddy

The Centre has agreed to procure 30 lakh metric tonnes of parboiled rice from Telangana during Kharif season 2023-24, as announced by Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy. This decision is expected to greatly benefit farmers in the state, as stated by Reddy.

Reddy, who is also the state BJP President, expressed his gratitude towards Union Minister Piyush Goyal for the decision. He urged the state government to quickly procure paddy from farmers at the Minimum Support Price and Rs 500 per quintal bonus as promised.

Highlighting the Centre’s efforts to support Telangana farmers, Reddy emphasized the importance of timely procurement to ensure the well-being of agricultural workers in the state. This move is in line with the Centre’s commitment to the welfare of farmers across the country.

In a previous agreement, the Centre had agreed to procure 6.8 lakh tonnes of parboiled rice from Telangana for the Kharif season 2022-23. This procurement is in addition to the 13.73 lakh tonnes of parboiled rice procured for the Rabi 2021-22 and Kharif 2022-23 seasons, showcasing the Centre’s continued support for the state’s agricultural sector.


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