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Certifications That Make a Difference to Your CV in the IT Industry?

The IT industry is experiencing a boom due to its massive potential. At present, everything is based on IT systems, even the core manufacturing sectors are dependent upon this. The soaring popularity and extensive exposure make it a haven for youth. Youths are emphasizing on this sector as it is among the most dominant industries that provide safety, security, growth as well as massive remuneration. Due to excessive demand, IT companies are choosing professionals with the utmost attention. The cut-throat competition generates the need for additional certifications and knowledge.

If you are also preparing to enter this sector, then it is mandatory to equip yourself with unique core competencies. This will not only help you in getting adequate exposure, but also provides stability. Organizations are looking for those candidates who are equipped with something extra in their kitty. It is mandatory to learn some courses, opt for some certifications that are helpful for career growth.

Here we are analyzing some of the certifications that are going to provide a nudge to your career over other candidates.

Certification for IT aspirants

The following are some of the top class certifications options that provide immense help to an IT aspirant’s career. With these, you can get massive help in soaring your career growth.

PMP Certification

Project management professional certification is specifically a career growth catalyst. It is apt for those who feel succumbed to their present job and want to have propulsion. It is one of the certified courses that help people to accelerate their careers. With the help of this course, one can get a vivid set of knowledge regarding the management of projects. As we know, the IT industry deals with different project-based work. If you are considering PMP training, then it will provide a stepping stone which helps you in getting optimum success in the IT industry. 

PRINCE2 Certification 

PRINCE2 stands for “Projects IN Controlled Environments.” This is among the most helpful certifications which are specifically designed for IT projects. This is a process-based methodology oriented course for projects. The exposure of this course helps in attaining expertise to manage different IT projects. PRINCE2 Certification has a massive set of IT frameworks that also include ITIL. It provides an upper hand to aspirants as it embeds them with the new fabrics of IT management.

ITIL certification

Information technology infrastructure library certification is one of the most popular certifications that help to understand the ITSM of any organization. Most of the organization prefer those candidates who are equipped with this Certification. The core competencies acquired through this course is at an optimal level. Any IT aspirant will get a nudge over other candidates if they prefer this course. ITIL helps the practitioner to get an understanding of the specific processes that are the core of any IT services such as development, support, delivery, and design. 

If any aspirant is emphasizing these certifications, then the chances of success in the IT industry drastically increases. However, these certifications have some prerequisites that should be fulfilled by the candidate.

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