Children’s Clothing and Accessories from Shein Found to Contain Harmful Chemicals Exceeding Safe Limits

Kid wear and accessories sold by Shein, a Chinese e-commerce platform were found to contain carcinogens like Formaldehydes and Phthalates many times over the permitted standards set by different health regulatory agencies.

These were the findings in some of the testing of Shein products which were conducted by the South Korean Government.

The immediate fallout of these findings has been the South Korean Government asking the Chinese e-commerce platform retailers to stop selling the products and limit consumer access to them.

Children’s Apparel and Accessories by Shein Exceed Safety Limits for Hazardous Chemicals

The testing conducted by the South Korean Government led to numerous shocking revelations-

  • Children’s shoes and accessories contained phthalates at 428 times the permitted limit.
  • Presence of carcinogenic and toxic chemicals including formaldehyde, lead, or phthalates in kid’s products.
  • Kid Shoes contained 1.8 times the permitted level of formaldehyde.
  • Kid-themed bags tested contained formaldehyde at 1.2 times permissible levels and phthalate levels up to 153 times the permissible levels.
  • Leather belts contained 1.78 times more permissible levels of lead than Korean regulations allow.

The Chinese online retailer has not been in trouble for the first time for peddling potentially toxic clothing and accessories.

As per a report by Greenpeace Germany published in 2022 investigation revealed that 15% of the 47 clothing and shoe products sold by Shein contained toxic chemicals at levels above EU regulatory limits with some exceeding the permissible limits by 100%.

The popularity of the Chinese-owned retail giant has surged primarily because it offers shoppers to order and ship clothing, jewelry and other items for a fraction of the cost of other competitors.

As per the Wall Street Journal the Chinese entity had made a gargantuan $23 billion in revenue in 2022 and $800 million in net profit.

In 2022 it became the world’s largest fashion retailer and boasts a chain of 3,000 suppliers and offers around 1.5 million different clothing items for sale.

The chain is hugely popular in Australia.

The company which is headquartered in Singapore released a statement to AFP stating and said,

“We take safety very seriously. Our suppliers are required to comply with the controls and standards we have put in place, and we work closely with international third-party testing agencies … to regularly carry out testing to ensure suppliers’ compliance to our product safety standards. Upon learning of any claim against our products, we immediately remove the product(s) from our site as a matter of caution whilst conducting our investigation.”

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