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China Condemns Modi’s Interaction with Taiwanese President After Historic Election Win

China has reacted strongly after the newly elected Taiwanese President congratulated the Indian Prime Minister following his and the NDA’s reelection for a record third term.

Replying to the message, Modi said:

“Thank you @ChingteLai for your warm message. I look forward to closer ties as we work towards a mutually beneficial economic and technological partnership.”

The Chinese Foreign Minister congratulated the Narendra Modi government on being elected for a record third term.

However, they took offense to the interaction on X between Prime Minister Modi and Taiwanese President Chingte Lai.

On Wednesday, Lai, who was elected Taiwan’s President last month, posted on X:

“My sincere congratulations to Prime Minister @narendramodi on his election victory. We look forward to enhancing the fast-growing #Taiwan-#India partnership, expanding our collaboration on trade, technology, and other sectors to contribute to peace and prosperity in the #IndoPacific.”

During a media briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning, when questioned about the interaction between the two leaders, said there is no such thing as a ‘president’ of the Taiwan region.

She further stated,

“As for your question, China opposes all forms of official interactions between the Taiwan authorities and countries having diplomatic relations with China. There is but one China in the world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China. The one-China principle is a universally recognized norm in international relations and a prevailing consensus in the international community. India has made serious political commitments on this and is supposed to recognize, be alarmed about, and resist the Taiwan authorities’ political calculations. China has protested to India about this.”

The spokesperson added that both India and China have diplomatic relations, and China opposes any form of official interactions between the Taiwan authorities and countries having diplomatic relations with China.

“This position is very clear and India knows this well,” she said.

India and Taiwan do not have diplomatic relations, but commercial ties have flourished over the past three decades, even though it has been kept low-key due to the sensitivities of the Chinese Government. India maintains a One China policy and has repeatedly stated this in various forums.

The India-Taiwan economic partnership has grown significantly in recent years and has been a key element of the ‘New Southbound Policy’. The two countries have also signed a migration agreement to allow Indian workers to be employed in Taiwanese industries.

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