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Chinese Company Launches Text-To-Video Kling AI Model As A Competitor Of Open AI’s Sora, X Users Go Gaga

China’s short-video platform Kuaishou Technology has unveiled a new text-to-video model Kling on Thursday, June 6 and it will be locking horns with Open AI’s Sora.

Sora was the first generative artificial intelligence model that enabled users to produce videos by text commands.

It was developed by Open AI — an American artificial intelligence research organization.

Kuaishou Technology which is a short video media platform is one of the many Chinese tech companies that shortly will give tough competition to OpenAI’s Sora.

China’s short-video platform launched a new text-to-video model Kling on Thursday, May 6.

Its capabilities are quite equal to OpenAI’s Sora and it includes generating real-like videos in 1080p high-definition resolution.

The model touts making 2-minute videos on text commands with capabilities of producing real-life-like motions on a large scale, mimicking the attributes of the physical world, and amalgamate concepts-imagination together.

Some of the AI-generated videos by the Chinese digital marvel have also surfaced on X (formerly Twitter).

In one of the videos, a Chinese man can be seen enjoying noodles with a chopstick while another video depicts the scenic beauty from a train window as it is moving.

The platform creates videos as instructed by text and one such text read-

, “A Chinese boy wearing glasses enjoys a delicious cheeseburger with his eyes closed in a fast food restaurant,”

And the results are mind blowing.

X users are going gaga and have reacted to the videos. One X user said,.

 “I’m just blown away by this one,”

“I am not even sure if this is an AI or real,” said another

“I can’t wait to play with these AI video generators,” said an excited user.

Kling is not available for public use currently and is only available as a private beta.

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