Things To Consider Before Choosing A Reliable Eye Hospital In India

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Our eyes are the most delicate yet important sensory part of our body. Therefore, it is advised to get them checked every once in a while. It becomes mandatory if you have entered your 50s, and if you are younger than that you need to visit an Ayurveda eye hospital once a year.

However, if you have any serious health condition like diabetes you need to increase this yearly frequency to 3-4 times. The question that arises from this information is how to choose a reliable eye hospital since so many are popping up every now and then. Here are a few pointers that may provide the required guidance: 

Consider The Qualifications of The Eye Doctor:

A reliable eye hospital will have board-certified optometrists and ophthalmologists. They will ensure that all kind of eye care is available under their roof. Normally, the highly recommended eye hospitals are the ones that have been in service for years. They have practitioners with years of experience and are capable of handling the trickiest eye diseases with utmost care and expertise. In India, the dilemma is a little steep as we have doctors from various pathies including Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and so on.

The key is to look into the experience and success rate of a given hospital irrespective of the path it is following. An allopathic hospital might be running for years but may make mistakes with simple diagnosis and an Ayurveda eye hospital might be just a decade old but may offer effective treatment for most complicated eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, bell’s palsy, etc. 

Check Out The Spectrum of Eye Care Services:

Before narrowing down on any eye hospital, make sure you know the kind of services it offers and what has been its success rate in doing the same. Eye hospitals with qualified doctors offer a wide range of services for all kinds of eye disorders.

If you are visiting an Ayurveda eye hospital, for example, you will find treatment and consultation services for all kinds of eye diseases including glaucoma, pediatric care, myopia, cataract, and so on. Similarly, an allopathic eye hospital will offer consultation and treatment for all the above-mentioned diseases along with some advanced treatment options like Lasik and laser surgeries

Special Treatment:

Apart from the usual eye care, some hospitals also provide special treatments and surgeries. The best eye hospitals will have subspecialty doctors who have knowledge of the most advanced surgeries and treatment options with respect to specific diseases. Specialist ophthalmologists will assure you about being in good hands and if your problem has reached an advanced level, they will take care of it. In case, you are wondering about ayurvedic eye hospitals, they have specialists as well. However, their specialists excel in providing completely natural and side-effect free treatments and therapies for all types of eye-related problems.

You will be surprised to know that the problems that are considered incurable under modern science can be effectively managed, minimized or eradicated completely under natural sciences like Ayurveda. For example, modern science doesn’t offer a lot of treatment options for degenerative conditions like retinitis pigmentosa, but Ayurveda offers a reliable and completely natural treatment that can arrest the development of this disease and allow the patient to lead a normal life for as long as possible. 

Local Word:

If you really wish to know about a hospital, you need to check out what its immediate neighbours have to say about it. Unlike other enterprises, hospitals mostly thrive on word of mouth reviews. People who get treated there are the ones who are likely to recommend or criticize it depending on how they were treated. You can always check out the online reviews or those on the Google information page by previous patients of a particular hospital. 


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, it is also valid to consider the convenience of reaching a particular hospital. There are a number of hospitals that now offer online consultation which means you can reach out to them any time from the comfort of your home. But if you are suffering from any chronic problem, then you need to locate a hospital that is within your reach. 

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