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6 Best Cine Prime Web Series to Binge-watch this Weekend

Cine Prime Web Series– Cine Prime Video is a subscription-based OTT platform that offers a wide range of web series and movies in different types of genres. If you are looking to explore some of their web series then listed below are the best cine prime video that are worth your time. 

Top Cine Prime Web Series

1. Baba Rancho

Cine Prime Web Series

The story the Cine Prime web series revolves around a self-proclaimed God who is only doing it to take advantage of his followers. One day a guy comes to him seeking a grandson in return baba asks him to bring all of his daughters-in-law only then he will be able to understand the situation. 

2. Good Girl Brides Night

Good Girl Brides Night

The web series revolves around a group of girls and boys who have planned a bachelor’s party and are looking forward to enjoying the night. While they are dancing and having the time of their life soon one thing turns their party upside down. 

3. Puddan Season 2 

Puddan Season 2 

The web series is based on the romantic relationship of couples. As they move ahead in their life lot of things start to unfold that makes them question the relevance of their relationship. The cast of the web series includes Thakur Rajveer Singh and Shreyanshi B in the leading role. 

4. Ittefaq


The story is based on a murder mystery. Things get complicated when no traces are left behind by the murderer. How will the truth come out, will the real culprit ever be exposed?

5. Tinku Ki Suhaagraat Season 2

Tinku Ki Suhaagraat Season 2

The web series is about a young guy named Tinku whose life starts to change after his marriage. Everything around him starts to change and things get complicated. If you are looking for feel-good web series with amazing sexual scenes then this web series is just for you. 

6. Wrong House

Cine Prime Web Series

A smart thief is planning his next heist, he targets a rich house but accidentally. There he meets a girl who is terrified of him. Will she be able to escape the situation or did the thief have to use a weapon to calm down the situation? 

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