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Cocodrilo Ron Kid video dominates the internet, real to know more about Real Tampa Di Sosor’s story



Cocodrilo Ron Kid video dominates the internet, real to know more about Real Tampa Di Sosor's story

A video titled ‘Cocodrilo Ron kid video’ is currently spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms including Reddit and Twitter. The minute it was released it spread like wildfire all over the internet.

The viral clip shows a small kid being attacked by a crocodile.

The content of the video is quite disturbing so viewer discretion is advised.


Here we will be diving into the story and finding out more about the viral video. Keep on scrolling- 

Cocodrilo Ron Kid video dominates the internet

‘Cocodrilo Ron Kid video’ clip will make you experience all kinds of emotions such as controversy, trauma, pain, and emotional disturbance while showing the harsh reality of the world.

This is the case of the viral Cocodrilo Ron Kid video. It shows a two-year-old girl in Cambodia getting attacked by a dangerous animal. The name of the kid is Rom Roath Neary, a toddler who is eaten by the crocodile. The incident took place at her family’s farm located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. 


As per news reports, the kid was left alone by her mother while she was taking care of their newborn kid. The incident was recorded by the neighbour who later posted it on social media. Quickly it went viral generating millions of clicks and views.

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The kid’s father Min Min upon returning home discovered her body. He could only find her daughter’s skull while the crocodile still eating some of her body remains. Her mother collapses seeing her daughter remain while her father tries to manage his family. 


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