Communicating with Girls – Tips and Tricks

So you found a lovely lady on a dating app and needed some pointers in the right direction. There are no surefire methods of communicating with a woman. Lots will be lost in translation too along the way. Communication with the ladies can also be overwhelming if you are on the first date. Keep in mind that ladies need to hear specific words to avoid posting up red flags.

Some positives come with the first stumbling during communication. You don’t need to be perfect all the way, although getting it right the first time is helpful. For starters, you might be hooking up with Slavic babes, or dating divorced women from some fancy online application. Whatever the circumstances, it is important to take note of proper communication with girls.

First Impressions

Before you dive into first dates and what happens thereafter, there are tips for communicating while online. For instance, keeping things real while flirting is important while avoiding wasting time. The ladies you meet online need serious guys; hence they left bars and clubs.

Also, communicating with less lewdness is important, particularly when flirting on the internet. Sending unsolicited nude pictures or pornography is extremely unbecoming behavior. This is the first official rule of communicating with girls. Other rules or suggestions are listed below.

1. Courtesy

Be courteous and thoughtful in all communication. It shows chivalry is still alive. Plus, ladies don’t like arrogant or loud-mouthed men. Anytime courtesy is compromised, it doesn’t look good for the aggressor.

2. Emotional beings

Talking about sensitive topics needs to be carried out carefully. Girls are emotional beings and this should be considered when discussing sensitive matters. Playing with girls’ emotions should be considered a no-no, under all circumstances. Stick to general topics that she might find interesting.

3. Integrity

Say what you mean and mean what you say. This stands true from the get-go, when flirting online and after meeting for the first date. Nothing holds a man true more than his word. When you are communicating with ladies, tell them the truth. If you are broke, maybe you shouldn’t mention it but don’t lie about being wealthy. It will come out eventually.

4. Stay positive

If she’s going through tough times perhaps you can help her heal. However, it is better not to bring up anything dark, morbid, or sinister, ever. Whether you are trying to be humorous with some dark humor or hoping to alleviate one’s stress, it is better to stick to positive vibes. These positive talks help with breaking the ice too.

5. Avoid family issues

If the lady seems to have family issues, try to avoid bringing them up or offering advice. Many men seem to feel a need to suggest how a drunk brother should be helped. Whether he is an alcoholic or not is none of your business and suggesting help is not helpful. It is better to offer advice only when it is solicited.

Bottom Line

Communication is crucial to any relationship; new and old. If there is a lack of communication, or miscommunication is rife, it speaks doom for the relationship. Finding common ground in a relationship is easier if proper communication is practiced from the get-go. Therefore, while on a date or during a relationship, ensure that you communicate with girls. Practice makes perfect and thus, do not be afraid to utter something crazy once in a while. 

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