Compilation of Garima Chaurasia’s B*old Poker Face Expressions

A popular TikTok star, Garima Chaurasia, has won over many fans. Check out her most popular Instagram photos and poker face gestures below.

Garima Chaurasia has dominated numerous social media platforms, in addition, to simply one. With her videos and fashionable clothing, the TikTok sensation has taken over Instagram. The teenage celebrity is well-known for both her killer poses and her hilarious videos. You must look at the poker-face emotions that Garima Chaurasia uses below.

The popularity of Garima Chaurasia’s images is due in part to her poses as well as her attire. The TikTok celebrity picked out some chic attire and added fantastic postures for each of her appearances. She may be seen in each image making a poker face.

Garima Chaurasia’s pouty lips and smoldering eyes make for attractive photographs. The TikTok star is skilled at posing for Instagram and making admirers drool. Her posts not only seem lovely but also reveal a lot about her fashion sense. Every phrase conveys a different message.

Garima Chaurasia’s Rise To Fame Journey

Garima Chaurasia is a Uttarakhand native. She is presently a Delhi resident. She graduated from the Roorkee College of Engineering with a degree in engineering. She goes by the moniker “Gima Ashi.” She is a Gemini who just turned 22 and is a well-known TikTok star.

By uploading brief films to TikTok, Garima Chaurasia expanded her fan base. She is a gifted young lady who can lip-sync and dance beautifully. After she recorded a lip-sync video for the Emiway Bantai rap song Bahut Hard, her fan base grew. She appeared in the video with her pal Vini wearing nothing but black. She achieved popularity after this video and is currently one of India’s most well-known TikTok stars.

In the YRF song video Tattoo, which was published this year, Garima Chaurasia appeared alongside the musician Nawab. The music video has a positive, optimistic tone. In the music video, Garima Chaurasia can be seen dancing to the song’s Punjabi lyrics while sporting a peculiar avatar.

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