‘Conjuring Kannappan’ Tamil Horror Movie OTT Release Date, Platform, Review, Cast, and Trailer

In this article, we’ll get to know about the cast, crew, review, synopsis, and more about the film, ‘Conjuring Kannappan’. Read along to know more.

‘Conjuring Kannappan’ Tamil Horror Movie Review

A man realizes he’s not getting sound sleep and is swarmed with nightmares which makes no sense in his daily living. It started one day all of a sudden and became a process that kept repeating giving him routine sleep. One day he confronted his family regarding it, and his family took this as a quest to figure out what was up with him. A horror comedy, with a fair bit of horror and comic parts.

According to viewer, this move surpassed their expectations. It’s a fin thriller with parts that will get the viewers laughing and have a good time. If you’re checking out to watch something with family for a day out, this film is it. The jumpscare scenes did not disappoint, the dialogues did not turn out to be cringey or forced. The direction went smoothly and the narrative was kept intact making the movie feel not like

‘Conjuring Kannappan’ OTT Release Date

The movie got its theatrical release on November 24, 2024, with great reviews and amazing reactions from its viewers and audiences, the movie stayed in for a long time. According to sources and reports, the movie will be released on OTT on January 5, 2024.

Where to watch ‘Conjuring Kannappan’?

Interested viewers and audiences can check the film out on OTT Netflix.

Cast and Their Roles

The cast of this movie includes Anandraj, Elli Avrram, Regina Cassandra, VTV Ganesh, Benedict Garrett, Redin Kingsley, Chandrasekar Koneru, Namo Narayana, Nassar, Saranya Ponvannan, Sathish, Jason Shaw, Hella Stichlmair, and more.

IMDb Rating

The film received a rating of 6.6/10 rating on IMDb.

Trailer and Promotion Posts

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