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Constitution Day 2021 History, Significance, Celebration, Pledge, Activities, and More

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Every Year, 26 November is marked as Constitution Day in India. The day commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of India. 

Constitution Day 2021 History

India formally adopted the constitution on 26 November 1949, although it came into force on 26 January 1950. In 2015, The Central Government decided to observe this day as ‘Constitution Day’ announced by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment on the 125th birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar, the leader of the team prepared Constitution. This day is celebrated to promote the feeling of respect for the constitutional values ​​among the citizens.


The main objective of Constitution Day was to pay tribute to one of its creators and the country’s first law minister, Dr. Ambedkar. The Constitution of India is actually an account of the principles and norms on the basis of which the basic political principles, procedures, rights, guiding principles, restrictions, and duties, etc. for the government and citizens of the country are decided. The Constitution of India declares India to be an independent, secular, socialist, democratic republic and guarantees equality, liberty, and justice to its citizens.

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Constitution Day 2021 Celebration

Several patriotic programs are organized in schools on this day. And special programs are organized on this day in government offices too. On this day special speeches are given by children in schools.


“I, as a citizen of India, affirm my faith in the universal principle of civilized society, namely that every dispute between citizens, or groups, institutions or organizations of citizens, should be settled by peaceful means; and, in view of the growing danger to the integrity and unity of the country, I hereby pledge myself never to resort to physical violence in the case of any dispute, whether in my neighbourhood or in any other part of India.”

Constitution Day 2021 Activities

  • Write essay on Constitution Day and recite them in their school on the occasion of Constitution Day 2021.
  • Collect and write information about the Indian Constitution and tell everyone about the Indian Constitution.
  • Challenge students to an essay on some parts of the Constitution, such as the Bill of Rights. Also, if anyone student wants to choose any topic by himself, then allow them.
  • Tell students the Constitutional Convention brought together 55 men to represent their states in the creation of our government. If this convention were held today, who would you like to see represented? Explain.

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