Corona affected the US economy will get a new life, Biden brought $19 trillion relief package

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President Joe Biden came up with a new relief package of $19 trillion to give a news life to the US Economy. Which is badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic. if this package passed in US Parliament, there will be the provision of $1 trillion for households. Under this, all American families will be given $1,400 directly.

There is also a provision of providing $415 billion to fight with pandemic and $440 billion for most affected small businessmen in relief proposal.

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Joe Biden has taken a better step than former President Donald Trump in dealing with this Coronavirus Pandemic. Coronavirus cases are increasing significantly in this winter season. In his time, the Relief package will help US Economy a lot in coming back on track. biden also said that he is going to launch a nationwide vaccination program. Which includes setting up mass vaccination centers and sending mobile units to remote areas and proposes an allocation of $ 20 billion.

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