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Corona: India Biotech’s COVAXIN beneficial- Lancet, SII CEO told ‘like water’

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There will not be any side effects on people with covaxin made in India and it will also increase the immunity of the body. This claim has been made in the world-famous magazine Lancet. It has been reported in the Lancet that severe side effects are usually seen in people taking any vaccine. But Covaxin does not have any such side effects. Covaxine is fully made in India and has been developed by India Biotech. However, Adar Poona wala of Serum Institute described Covaxin made by India Biotech as water.

According to a report published in the Lancet, it was tested in about 11 hospitals to measure the immunity and safety of covaxin. People aged between 18 and 55 years were included in this test. About 827 participants were screened to test the ability of covaxin, of which 375 people were included. According to Lancet, when this test was carried out, this dose was easily tolerated among people of all age groups and no serious side effects were observed. However, many people had complaints such as headaches, fatigue, and fever.

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Suchitra Yella of India Biotech expressed happiness over the report published in the Lancet magazine. Suchitra Yella wrote in a tweet that the cocaine is the first such vaccine in India, whose report has appeared in a well-known magazine like Lancet. The Lancet in its report has given a code named BBV152 to the cocaine produced by Bharat Biotech and said the results showed the Covaxin to be safe and to enhance the body’s immunity.

Let me tell you that a few days ago, Adar Poona wala of Serum Institute had expressed his objection to the approval of Covaxin made by India Biotech. Poona wala had said that only three vaccines are effective and all other vaccines are like water. On which India Biotech founder Krishna Illa hit back saying that we have done an honest clinical trial. Despite this, some companies are describing our vaccine as water. I deny it However, later the PMO had reconciled between the two, after which a joint statement also came.

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