Could this US action endanger small news publishers?

New Delhi, April 13 (IANS) Google has raised concerns about the California Journalism Preservation Act (CJPA), which proposes a “link tax” for tech companies connecting people to news articles. Jaffer Zaidi, VP of Global News Partnerships at Google, warned that the Act could impact the news ecosystem and restrict services provided to Californians and publishers.

Zaidi expressed his opposition to the CJPA, stating, “This is the wrong approach to supporting journalism.” Google has decided to pause its investments in the California news ecosystem until further clarification on the implications of the Act. The company believes that the bill would primarily benefit media conglomerates and hedge funds lobbying for its implementation, potentially disadvantaging small publishers and limiting consumer access to diverse local news sources.

In an effort to support news publishers of all sizes, Google has introduced initiatives like Google News Showcase, which operates in 26 countries with thousands of participating publications. Zaidi highlighted the company’s collaborations with over 7,000 news publishers globally, including 200 in California alone. Despite these efforts, Google remains cautious about the potential impact of the CJPA on the news industry.

The proposed CJPA has sparked a debate about the future of news distribution and funding in California, with Google and other tech companies closely monitoring developments. As discussions continue, the tech giant remains committed to supporting journalism while advocating for a more balanced approach that benefits both publishers and consumers. The outcome of the CJPA could have far-reaching implications for the media landscape in the state and beyond.



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