Crafty Vaporizer And Furna Vaporizer – What Are The Differences?

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Storz and Bickel’s Crafty vaporizer and Furna vaporizer are high-tech portable devices. Crafty vaporizer provides thick and large vapors and also connects with your phone, which makes it easier to use. So how is it different from the new innovative Furna vaporizer? Read on to find out more.

Material and weight of the vaporizer

A crafty vaporizer is created from good quality plastic that is also heat resistant. At the same time, the Furna vaporizer is created from stainless steel and ceramic body.  Since Crafty vape is plastic, there’s a bad taste of plastic when people begin to use it. So in order to prevent this from happening, you can fill the cartridge and leave the vaporizer at a high temperature for some 20mins.

After this, draw some puffs and release them immediately. Once you are done, you can vape as usual and enjoy.  On the other hand, Furna vaporizer is a durable and low-density device due to its stainless steel structure. It is lighter than a Crafty vaporizer. There’s a separate path for air and coil, so vapors produced are pure and flavorful.


Visibly there’s a big difference. Even though both crafty and Furna vaporizers are small portable devices, crafty vaporizer resembles a box type e-cigarette while Furna vaporizer is a more pen-like device. Both can be hidden in your hand and used on the go. But Furna vaporizer is lighter and less bulky, so it fits much better in your hand and is a better crafty vape alternative.

Battery life and charging time

The durability of the battery and the time needed for charging is another difference between Crafty and Furna vaporizer. Both charge through USB ports. Among the two, a Crafty vaporizer requires more time for charging, which is around 2 hours. Its battery lasts for a shorter time as well; that is around 45 to 60 minutes that equals 4 to 6 sessions.

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While a Furna vaporizer requires half the time, that is 1 hour for charging, and you can get 18 to 20 sessions in that charge. In addition to this, Crafty vaporizer will close down if it is not being used for a minute to conserve energy; you will constantly have to open it again. The Furna vaporizer has an idle mode and it automatically switches back on when you pick your device and powers up quickly.

Temperature Settings

The crafty vaporizer has two to three temperatures set in advance. It usually takes around 60 seconds for the crafty vaporizer to reach that temperature. You can change the temperature settings but only through a mobile app.

The case with Furna vaporizer is that you can easily adjust the temperature setting with the digital display screen. This display screen is a smart screen that offers similar basic features as your phone.

The digital screen can be adjusted according to your taste and the material you have filled your ovens with. There are two ovens in Furna Vaporizer; each has a different symbol. So you can track the different materials. Moreover, you can use this in a group where both ovens are used so that there’s no sharing of mouthpieces.

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Mouthpiece and vapors

The crafty vaporizer has a mouthpiece that protrudes out. This means that you cannot be discreet with this vaporizer while taking a drag. Crafty vaporizer offers thick and large vapors that are strong at higher temperatures. With Furna vaporizer, you can enjoy the flavorful taste of herbs with a calming sensation at lower temperatures and potent vapors at higher temperatures as high as above 400 degrees Celsius.

The bottom line

So now you know the difference between the two vaporizers, you can easily decide the one that suits you best. When you decide, you should consider the significance of discreteness, size, and battery durability of the device.

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