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Crew Members from British Airways Fired for Racist Gestures Towards Chinese Passengers

Two British Airways cabin crew members, Holly Walton and Lauren Bray, are currently the talk of the town after recording a video together.

The duo has been dismissed from their job for mocking Asian passengers in the footage.

Holly Walton was spotted making “slant-eyed gestures” and, using a Chinese accent, said, “Give me wine.”

The footage was recorded by Holly, with her colleague Lauren Bray. Later, it was widely shared on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

British Airways Crew Members Get Sacked

Holly Walton and Lauren Bray received their marching orders and were hauled in front of their superiors.

A British Airways crew member told The Sun,

“This recording is obscene. For anyone to have such racist thoughts, to then film them and share it with the world, is shocking and dumb in equal measure. This is hugely damaging for the airline and they deserved the axe.”

The video was recorded between flights. Both female crew members were enjoying alcohol at the luxury Trade Winds hotel in Antigua at night, after serving on flight BA2157 from Gatwick.

Holly Walton and Lauren Bray stated that they were mimicking a Chinese family who struggled to be understood as they spoke little English while ordering drinks during a holiday flight.

One Asian British Airways worker added,

“I’m reeling from seeing this video. It makes me question the airline and my colleagues. Action has to be taken. We won’t stand for it.”

As soon as the news escalated, the airline’s bosses were forced to act.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms. Bray was spotted leaving a meeting in floods of tears at the airline’s HQ on Monday.

The managers at British Airways were furious about the footage that went viral on TikTok.

They revealed that the crew members had been warned last year about their posts on social media.

A representative added,

“All forms of racism are completely unacceptable, and we take allegations of this nature very seriously. These two individuals are no longer employed by us.”

British Airways confirmed that the two female crew members have been sacked.

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