21 Cute Pickup Lines that can slay your crush or your long-term partner

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The best cute pickup lines might not work in the world of emojis but if they are cheesy, and funny that surely they can make anyone laugh. However, you need to be strong to carry any pickup line. Saying it with loose confidence not only makes you look like a fool with along with losing your next chance to talk to your crush. 

Plus, using cute, and funny can really show how playful your personality is. And who doesn’t like cheerful people who bring out the best in you? Pickup if lays correctly on your partner can really show how quirky you can be when comes to enjoying little temptations of like. 

So if you’re looking for cute pickup lines in order to approach your crush or your long-term partner. Then here we’ve rounded up 21 cute pickup lines that are sure to help you make your crush laugh and not make you look like a creep.

21 Best Cute Pickup Lines For Crush

1. Girl, are you an omelette? ‘Coz every time I see you I get ‘Eggcited’.

2. Can I tell you a secret? Your number is saved on my phone as a future “LOML”.

3. Call me your COVID-19 vaccine, ‘coz all I want is to keep you safe.

4. Your Wi-Fi signals are really strong. I’ve never felt so connected to anyone before.

Best Cute Pickup Lines

5. Hun, are you a lip balm? ‘Coz you’re sweet, you make me feel pampered and I’m addicted to you.

6. You’re my Bluetooth device. Thanks for pairing with me!

7. Girl, are you SPF? ‘Coz I need you every day.

On that note, drop a reminder that you actually do need some sunscreen daily.

8. I was trying to send you something cute, but I don’t think it can fit in this text box.

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Pickup Lines

9. So other than being my walking-talking mood booster, what do you do?

We said it before you could!

10. Do you have an extra parachute? ‘Coz I’m falling for you.

11. It’s not fair. You spoil me with expensive gifts every time we meet—butterflies and a smile.

12. Yours doesn’t have to be expensive but chocolate would make a nice return gift. Don’t you think?

Pickup Lines for Crush

13. Which sweetener would you prefer? Sugar, honey or DATES… with me.

Take this baby along, if she actually likes dates.

14. I am no criminal but would you mind keeping an eye on me?

15. Have you seen my girlfriend? Oh no, wait. That was supposed to be you.

16. Do You know what will suit you the best? My surname.

17. Do you know (your friend’s name)? He wanted to know if you think I’m hot.

Pickup Lines For Flirting

18. Are you using a photo editing app? ‘Coz every time I look at you, everything else blurs out.

19. Do you like sales? ‘Coz I’m offering 100% discount on me.

20. I always thought a love story starts with ‘L’ but mine started with ‘U’.

21. You’ve got something on your face, let me get it for you. Oh wait, that’s just cuteness. My bad.

While choosing a cute pickup line, make sure you select a line that highlights your positive values such as culture, wealth, and generosity. Immediately it will make you stand out from other guys who just say it for a casual conversation leading to nowhere. Plus, a relatable pick line may help a woman to see that you are appealing to her especially if she is a conservative or shy type of girl. Slowly but surely this can lead to long and deep conversations thus making a bond that makes her come back to you.

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