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Dabney Coleman Net Worth 2024: How Much is the American Actor Worth?

Who is Dabney Coleman?

Dabney Coleman is a renowned American actor, born on January 3, 1932, in Austin, Texas. Known for his trademark mustache and versatile acting skills, Coleman has been a significant figure in Hollywood for over six decades. He gained fame for his roles in various films and TV shows, becoming a household name due to his charming yet often arrogant character portrayals.

Dabney Coleman Acting Career

Coleman began his acting journey in the early 1960s after training at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City. His breakthrough came with the 1979 comedy “9 to 5,” where he starred alongside Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton. Other notable films include “Tootsie,” “WarGames,” and “You’ve Got Mail.” He also made a significant impact on television with shows like “Buffalo Bill,” “The Slap Maxwell Story,” and “Boardwalk Empire.” Over the years, Coleman has won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series.

Dabney Coleman’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Dabney Coleman’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Despite not amassing as large a fortune as some of his contemporaries, Coleman’s career has been marked by steady work and respected performances. His financial success comes from his extensive work in film, television, and theater, as well as his enduring presence in Hollywood.

Dabney Coleman Age

Dabney Coleman is 92 years old, celebrating his birthday on January 3. Despite his advanced age, he remains active in the entertainment industry, making occasional appearances at events and conventions. His long-lasting career is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft.

Dabney Coleman Family: Wife and Children

Coleman has been married and divorced twice. His first marriage was to Ann Courtney in 1957, ending in 1959. In 1961, he married actress Jean Hale, with whom he had three children: Kelly, Randy, and Quincy. This marriage ended in 1984. Coleman also has one additional child from a later relationship. His daughter, Quincy Coleman, is a singer who has spoken publicly about her father’s impact and legacy.

Dabney Coleman Height and Weight

Dabney Coleman stands at 6 feet 0 inches (182.9 cm) tall. Over the years, his height and commanding presence have contributed to his on-screen persona, often portraying authoritative or villainous characters. Coleman himself noted the changes in his physique throughout his career, from a skinny young actor to a more robust figure as he aged.

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