‘Dad’ of Wally, the missing pet support alligator, makes emotional plea for his return on TikTok

A man living in the city of Brunswick on Georgia’s southeast coast is devastated after his pet alligator was stolen from his home on April 21, 2024. In an emotional video which was posted on TikTok the man who was crying said that he is the dad of Wallygator (the name of the pet alligator) and appealed to the public for help to bring his pet back home.

It has been almost 11 days since Wally the pet support alligator was reportedly kidnapped and stolen in Georgia. The Walygator disappeared from his home on April 21 when his handler Joie Henney was visiting friends.

The owner of the alligator in a video posted on TikTok through tears said, “I’m Wallygator’s dad. We need all the help we can get to bring my baby back. Please, we need your help.”

The owner is also offering a reward for the safe return of his pet and said that no questions will be asked.

The owner Joie Henney has two alligators as pets and lives in Strinestown. The alligator, which is said to be a 4-foot-long, nearly 60-pound, emotional support alligator lives in SpiriTrust Lutheran Village at Sprenkle Drive and a number of people come to have a glimpse of the reptile.

Henney also revealed that he is putting through a search party for Wally after a Georgia Department of Natural Resources official contacted him and informed him of the theft of his pet by someone who stole Wally with the intent of dropping him off in a resident’s yard “to terrorize them.” The residents called the authorities and the services of a trapper were called for who caught and released the reptile into a swamp. Henney posted on Facebook that Wally is unlikely to survive in the wild on his own.

Who is Wallygator?

Wallygator is an eight year old emotional support animal and provided solace and comfort to people at nursing homes and baseball games. He was adopted by Henney when he was 1 year old in 2019. Henney revealed that the alligator was very docile and loved to be hugged and kissed by people. He was also fond of going for walks. The pet alligator also was very fond of adventures which included leashed park visits and supervised swimming stints. His frolics were often posted on social media where Wally has tens of thousands of followers.

The search for the missing alligator has also received support from the Gator boys who have joined efforts with other agencies that specialize in rescuing alligators.

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