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Daily Horoscope: 26 February 2022, Check astrological prediction for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, and other Zodiac Signs #DailyHoroscope

Daily Horoscope: 26 February 2022, Check astrological prediction for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, and other Zodiac Signs…



Daily Horoscope: 26 February 2022, Check astrological prediction for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, and other Zodiac Signs #DailyHoroscope


Outdoor sports will attract you – Meditation and yoga will benefit you. An unwanted guest may come to your house today, due to which you may have to spend on those items of the house which you had postponed for the next month. Your interesting creativity will make the home environment pleasant today. Today life will be very complicated from the point of view of romance. Due to some reason, there may be an early holiday in your office today, you will take advantage of this and go somewhere with your family members. This will be a beautiful romantic day for you, but you may have to face some health problems. Today, suddenly your health may deteriorate, due to which you can remain upset throughout the day.


The desires of others will clash with your desire to take care of your own – don’t stifle your emotions and do things that make you feel comfortable. Many times investing proves to be very beneficial for you, today you can understand this thing because today you can get profit from any old investment. Any sudden good news in the latter part of the day will make the whole family happy. Understand the feelings of your beloved on this day. Today you can spend your free time in any temple, gurudwara, or any religious place by getting away from unnecessary confusion. Your spouse can try a lot to make you happy. A candlelight dinner with your spouse can possibly take away the fatigue of your week.


Try to leave your office early to do something creative. Control your expenses and avoid spending with open hands today. Don’t let family tensions disturb your concentration. Bad times teach more. It is better to try and learn the lessons of life than to waste time losing yourself in the whirlpool of sadness. A program for going for a walk can be made, which will refresh your energy and enthusiasm. Understand the value of your time, living among people whose words you do not understand is wrong. Doing this will give you nothing but trouble in the future. This day will show the romantic aspect of your life partner to the fullest. Volunteer work or helping someone can act as a good tonic for your mental peace.



You need to show courage and strength when facing difficult situations. Through a positive attitude, you can easily overcome these obstacles. Your money will be useful to you only when you will accumulate it, know this very well otherwise you will have to repent in the coming time. People will give you hopes and dreams, but in reality, all the responsibility will be on your efforts. Romance will be enjoyable and quite exciting. To make good use of the time, you can plan to go to the park today, but there is a possibility of you having an argument with an unknown person, which will spoil your mood. It is possible that today your spouse can tell in beautiful words how valuable you are to them. Don’t give so much importance to money that it ruins your relationship. Remember that money can be found but relationships cannot.


Your charming behavior will attract the attention of others towards you. A new financial deal will be finalized and money will come towards you. Taking care of the needs of your family members should be your priority today. You may have to face sorrow in love. Lots of creativity and enthusiasm will lead you to another fruitful day. You may be troubled today by the criticism of your spouse, but he is also going to do something good for you. Your relatives will take you to someplace with them. Although you will not be particularly interested in the beginning, later you will enjoy that experience to the fullest.


A spiritual person will shower blessings and bring peace of mind. There is a need to be careful while speaking and doing financial transactions. Any sudden message from a distant relative will be exciting for the whole family. Keep freshness in your love like a fresh flower. You need to remember that God helps those who help themselves. It is said that women Venus and men are residents of Mars, but on this day married Venus and Mars will dissolve in each other. You can go for a walk with your younger brother, this will strengthen the relationship between both of you.



Your evening will be filled with many emotions and hence can also give tension. But there is no need to worry too much because your happiness will bring you more joy than your disappointments. Although your financial condition will improve, the continuous flow of money like water can create obstacles in your plans. Spend some fun-filled time with your kids in the evening. Your unconditional love is very valuable to your beloved. If you run away from a situation in fear – she will chase you in every worst way. Today is the right time for deep soulful conversations for you and your spouse. If there is not much to do today, spending time in a library can be a good option.


Be careful while driving, especially at turns. Otherwise, you may have to bear the brunt of someone else’s mistake. Some of your brothers and sisters may ask you for a loan today, you will lend them money, but this may worsen your financial situation. Children can bring some heart-warming news. There is a strong possibility of meeting a very beautiful and lovely person. There is a need to look into the matters related to tax and insurance. It is one of the most special days of married life. You will feel the depth of love. The hospitality of too many guests can spoil your mood. But the good thing is that you can meet many old friends.


Do not depend on luck and try to improve your health, because luck itself is very lazy. Some of your friends may ask you to borrow a large amount today, if you give this amount to them then you may get into financial trouble. Those in need of emotional support will find that elders are coming forward to help. It is possible that a special friend will come forward to wipe your tears. Not giving time to important tasks and wasting time on unnecessary tasks can prove fatal for you today. Your efforts to make married life happier will pay off more than expected. Today you can say good or bad to a family member in anger.



Friends will introduce you to a special person, who will have a deep impact on your thinking. Betting can be profitable. The health of a female member of the family can become a cause for concern. Emotional turmoil may trouble you. Without informing anyone, there may be an entry of a distant relative in your house today, due to which your time may be wasted. Spouse behavior can have a bad effect on your professional relationships. Today you can clearly understand that the joy of life is in taking your people along.


An evening with friends will be pleasant but avoid overeating and drinking. Don’t spend extra money to impress others. Express your gratitude to the relatives who have helped you through difficult times. This small act of yours will increase their enthusiasm. Gratitude spreads the fragrance of life and kindness permeates it. You can enjoy love to the fullest. Today you will make good use of your free time and try to complete those tasks which could not be completed in the past. Today you can get some unique gifts from the point of view of marital happiness. You can get a loan back from somewhere, which will solve some of your financial problems.


A lot rests on your shoulders and clear thinking is necessary to make decisions. Additional money can be invested in real estate. Enjoy a relaxed and peaceful day with family members. If people come to you with problems, ignore them and don’t let them disturb your peace of mind. Try a little more. Today luck will definitely support you because it is your day. It is good to spend time in solitude, but if something is going on in your mind, then staying away from people can make you more upset. Therefore, our advice to you is that it would be better to stay away from people, talk to an experienced person about your problem. Today you will fall in love with your life partner once again. It is possible to increase stress due to neglect of health, so medical advice can prove to be effective for you.


Daily Panchang

“Part of a foot?” Latest Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today



"Part of a foot?" Latest Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today

A clue in February 24, 2024, edition of the Daily Themed Crossword puzzled solvers with a request for a ‘Part of a foot?’.

Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today

For those who revel in testing their wits with crossword puzzles, this article provides the answer, alongside daily updates of fresh clues and solutions.

The answer for the “Part of a foot?” Daily Themed Crossword Clue

The answer for the “Part of a foot?” Daily Themed Crossword Clue answer is “INCH


Not only are the Daily Themed Crossword puzzles a source of amusement, but they also contribute to enhancing one’s mental faculties and problem-solving prowess. The Daily Themed Crossword, a streamlined variant of its classic counterpart, is welcoming for all players, regardless of their expertise. The clues provided on 24 February 2024 offer various challenges, encouraging players to regularly engage with the puzzles to sharpen their minds and expand their vocabulary.

Other Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answers of February 24, 2024

“Organization with moles and spies: Abbr.” Latest Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today

“Words on a trash can, perhaps: 2 wds.” Latest Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today


“Give credit where credit is ___” Latest Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today

“___ Hemingway who authored “The Old Man and the Sea”” Latest Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today

“Headbutting farm animal” Latest Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today


“___ shooting (sport with flying clay targets)” Latest Daily Themed Crossword Clue Answer Today

What is Daily Themed Crossword?

Available online and on multiple mobile platforms, the Daily Themed Crossword is a favorite among crossword game enthusiasts, known for its straightforward design. It caters to players of all abilities, offering a pleasant pastime. The game uses clues as signals to assist solvers in finding the right word for a given square, whether it’s to be filled in horizontally (“Across”) or vertically (“Down”). Each square in the puzzle is numbered, correlating to clues listed for player guidance.


What is the Daily Themed Crossword clue answer for “Part of a foot?”?

The answer is “INCH“.


Why do people enjoy solving crossword puzzles?

Crossword puzzles are entertaining and help improve cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills.

How can regular crossword puzzle solving benefit players?

It can help sharpen thinking capacity and expand vocabulary.

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5 Best Astrologer in Mumbai for Expert Guidance

Discover the best astrologer in Mumbai for expert guidance on love, career, and future predictions. Find clarity and direction today.



5 Best Astrologers In Mumbai (2023) You Should Visit To Get Rid Of Your Problems

In this article, we are going to know in detail about the 5 best astrologers in Mumbai who can help you get rid of your problems using their knowledge of ancient knowledge.

Astrology is a way of analyzing the functions and actions of celestial bodies to comprehend and forecast past, present, and future human affairs and natural phenomena. It can be helpful for you in several ways, such as providing insight into your personality and potential, helping you navigate challenging circumstances, and delivering advice for making essential judgments. It can also be a source of motivation and a method to link with the larger cosmos.

Jyotish Shastra, also comprehended as Vedic astrology or Indian astrology, is an ancient system that has its bases in the Indian subcontinent. The roots of Jyotish Shastra can be outlined around the Vedic period in ancient India, which is accepted to have started around 1500 BCE. The earliest known texts on Jyotish Shastra, the Vedanga Jyotisha, date back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Over time, the system of Jyotish Shastra has evolved, and it persists to be used and studied in the present day. It’s considered one of the oldest forms of specific knowledge that is still being used and studied.


Without any further ado, let’s come back to the main topic: the 5 best astrologers in Mumbai who will help you out from your difficult times.

Top 5 Astrologers In Mumbai (2023)

1. Astrologer Yogendra

Best Astrologers in Mumbai

Astrologer Yogendra is the best astrologer in Mumbai. With 25+ years of experience in Vedic astrology, he has earned a reputation for providing factual and insightful readings. Astrologer Yogendra is an expert in the diverse branches of astrology, including Vedic astrology, numerology, palmistry, gemmology, and Vastu. Mr. Yogendra offers personalized resolutions to people, corporations, and enterprises via phone or video call. For his ability to give accurate predictions and valuable advice to his clients, he is widely recognized as the best astrologer in the city of Mumbai. Astrology Yogendra operates his presence worldwide via his online web portal:

2. Sanjoy Chatterjee

With over 30+ years of experience, Pandit Sanjoy Chatterjee holds an MBA degree from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. Best known for his advice released on health issues, family problems, relationship reunions, and successful corporate life, Mr. Sanjoy Chatterjee is regarded as one of the best astrologers in Mumbai, who offers Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra-based astrological advice.

3. Jitendra Guruji

Known for Face Reading, Tarot Card, Numerology, Kundli Matching, Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Face Reading, and Vedic Puja-related advice, Jitendra Guruji gives 99.9% accurate predictions. He is counted among the most famous and best astrologers in Mumbai.


4. Dr. Sundeep Kochar

Astrologer Sudeep Kochar is an Indian astrologer, numerologist, and Vaastu consultant based. Known for his expertise in the field, Dr. Sudeep has been featured in several media outlets including newspapers, magazines, and television shows. He has been practicing astrology for over 20 years. He is also an author and writes on astrology and related topics in newspapers and magazines.

5. Neel Chooksi

Renowned astrologer Mrs. Neel Choksey, from Mumbai, reads horoscopes and provides sage advice to people. To date, a prominent female Indian astrologer has helped countless people to get out of difficult times. Mrs. Choksi has a remarkable track record of providing valuable resolutions.

General Knowledge of Astrology You Need to Know

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, is a traditional form of astrology that originated in ancient India. It is based on the belief that the positions and movements of celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth can provide insight into their personality, life path, and destiny.


How Vedic Astrology Works?

Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, which is different from the tropical zodiac used in Western astrology, and also focuses on the use of lunar mansions and the dasha system, which is a method of timing events in a person’s life. It is a holistic system that incorporates not only the study of the individual’s horoscope but also the study of the planetary cycles and how they relate to the individual and the world.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a belief in the divine, mystical relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. It is based on the idea that the universe and all life is mathematically constructed and these constructions can be understood through numbers.

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is a form of divination that involves the study of the lines, shapes, and patterns on the palm of the hand to predict someone’s future and reveal their personality.

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How To Call Lord Shiva For Help?



How to call Lord Shiva for help?

Lord Shiva is regarded as the transformer and the eternal destroyer but at the same time, he is also regarded as Bholanath or the innocent who can be pleased with ease. He is also regarded as the embodiment of kindness, understanding, and wisdom.

Today we will learn how to call Lord Shiva for help and obtain his blessings, becoming connected to him both spiritually and obtaining enlightenment. Various ways in which you can connect with Lord Shiva include:

Here’s How To Call Lord Shiva For Help?

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is the easiest path to be connected with Lord Shiva and obtain his blessings. By reciting “Om Namah Shivaya,” one can find peace of mind and the strength to face adversities. It purifies the soul and helps one attain divine consciousness. The mantra helps to keep the mind away from distractions and establishes a deeper connection with Lord Shiva.


The Shivamantra is sung in honor of Lord Shiva and is typically recited 108 times with a beaded mala aiding in keeping count. The mantra “Om Namah Shivaya,” meaning ‘I Bow To Shiva,’ helps to cleanse the mind and body and also invokes positive energy. Mention of mantras is found in ancient Indian scriptures or Vedas, including the Rig Veda, the Yajur Veda, and the Atharva Veda. Devotees have been chanting the mantra for thousands of years, invoking the grace of Lord Shiva. Other mantras also include:

“Om Tryambakam,” which helps to get the blessings of Lord Shiva for help and to overcome obstacles.

“Shivaya Om,” which connects the devotee with Lord Shiva’s divine energy and seeks his blessings for success and abundance.


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Puja Or Obeisance

Performing pooja is another path to obtain the blessing of Lord Shiva. The Pooja does not require much, since Bholanath, as the name suggests, gets pleased with the most trivial offerings like flowers of Madar, Datura, milk, and water. Doing Pooja in the early hours after a bath helps to imbibe positive energy, and the whole day passes without any problem.


Lord Shiva is also known as the eternal Yogi who has all his senses and the cosmos under his control. Doing a certain form of Yoga helps the awakening of the spiritual energy which lies dormant in humans. The Yoga position synonymous with Lord Shiva is the Natarajasana, or Lord of the Dance pose. It is said to represent Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance, and practicing this Yoga helps a person unite with Lord Shiva and maintain mental and physical equilibrium.



According to Hindu mythology, keeping fast in the name of Lord Shiva invokes his blessing and helps to alleviate all sufferings. Fasting not only helps to cleanse the mind but also purifies the body by removing toxins and other harmful substances.


Another method to obtain the blessings of Lord Shiva is to make a pilgrimage to one of his holy shrines. The holy places include the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines spread across the length and breadth of the country. One can visit the Baijnath Dham in Jharkhand, Kailash Temple in Uttarakhand, and Amarnath Caves in Jammu and Kashmir.

Invoking the blessing by using any or all the methods stated above will help bring peace and happiness in life. It will imbibe a feeling of positivity and give strength to face all the obstacles and hardships in life with ease and strength.


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