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Dakota Johnson Faces Wardrobe Malfunction During The Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Dakota Johnson recently went through a wardrobe malfunction and it just helps us bring back memories of 2019 when she dropped the banger, “Well, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs.”

Dakota Johnson was recently appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and she was wearing a stunning black dress with metal straps and sheer supports.

Dakota Johnson Faces Wardrobe Malfunction

However, the straps couldn’t hold on much longer and it broke.

Jimmy Kimmel, being the gentleman he is, showcased compassion and was worried for Dakota.

He asked, “Dakota, your dress just came unhooked. Are you all right?… Should I get some Scotch tape?” To that, Dakota brushed it off and jokingly replied, “My dress — it just fell off! Well, I’ll just hold it.”

This time, Dakota was there in the interview to talk about the upcoming film, Daddio, which is all set to release on June 28.

When Dakota’s dress fell, it was obviously an oops moment for her and the viewers.

However, Dakota handled it like the boss.

Back in 2015, when Dakota was walking up the stage to get her award for her acting in the film “Leslie Mann”, her strappy dress broke on camera in front of hundreds of people. Instead of being embarrassed or flustered, Dakota laughed and mentioned that Leslie had broken her dress.

Concerning her nude scenes in the film, she talked about her ‘boobs’ anyway, which brought in tons of laughter.

Dakota was recently seen in the film Madame Web. The film received average critical comments from critics.

On her part, Dakota mentioned that working in that film did make her feel a little out of place because her co-stars were significantly younger than her, which also included Sydney Sweeney!

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