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Dartmouth Jewish Studies HOD, Annelise Orleck Arrested; Video Surfaces 

Annelise Orleck, a professor of Dartmouth College, is all over the internet. She is the head of Jewish Studies at the institution. 

Annelise Orleck was arrested on Wednesday night during a pro-Palestinian protest on campus. Along with her, dozens of other professors were also arrested. Allegedly, they all showed up to support students. 

Recalling the incident, the 65-year-old stated that when police moved into the college on Wednesday night to arrest them, Dartmouth Green was unrecognizable. 

Annelise said that when she was trying to protect students, her phone was snatched from her and she was knocked down. 

Annelise Orleck added that, in her entire career of being a professor at the college for decades, she had never witnessed anything like that. 

A video of this incident has gone viral all over social media platforms in which police officers can be spotted pushing her against the ground, and then they detain her.

According to WMUR9, Orleck stated,

“I was mad because they had taken my phone, and I was mad because they just body-slammed me, and it hurt. And so, I went and said, ‘Give me back my phone’. I’m trying to get my phone back. I did. And, at that moment, three police lifted me up in the air, slammed me down onto the ground. I mean, I threw myself down onto the ground on my bad shoulder. And they said I was resisting arrest.”

The video of the 65-year-old that went viral was captured at the protest by news channels. 

She added,

“And it’s really shameful in a sleepy little campus, in a rural area like Dartmouth, that they brought in this ridiculous show of arms and strength and violence.”

Who is Annelise Orleck?

As per, Annelise Orleck was born and brought up in Brooklyn. Currently, she resides with the journalist Alexis Jetter, her partner in Thetford Center, Vermont. 

At the college, the 65-year-old teaches Jewish Studies, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, and History. 

Moreover, she has been serving at Dartmouth for more than thirty years now. However, her bail condition states that she is banned from entering Dartmouth’s campus. 

Annelise Orleck stated she sent some emails to the institution, but was left unanswered. She said that being a Jewish woman, she was quite worried about her safety, especially after Wednesday night’s police response.

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