DDG Gets Slapped by Home Intruders In Prank Video; Watch Here

DDG, a sensational YouTube went yet again viral this weekend as a video of his house surfaced on the internet showcasing him getting slapped by various home intruders while he was asleep. However, later it turns out to be a prank.

DDG Gets Slapped During Prank, Video Goes Viral

On 15 September 2023, Friday on the most famous vlogging page of DDG on YouTube, he posted a video of himself. In the video, he could be spotted addressing a grave incident that took place at his home. As per the statements given by a former 2021 XXL Freshman, two stranger men broke into his home without his notion. When this happened, he was sleeping. Moreover, the intruders slapped him on the face as well.

DDG Got Slapped by Home Intruders; Full Deets Here

To prove his words right, the famous Michigan rapper also showed online the CCTV footage of the incident. In the footage of his security camera, two men could be spotted who sneaked inside the room and immediately ran away after slapping him hard.

However, the turning point is, the men who sneaked in, did not steal even a needle from the house. Rather the burglars broke in and ran away giggling after slapping DDG.

“It Wasn’t Funny”

However, DDG finds this whole scenario a sick game. He didn’t find this funny at all. In the video he posted online, he shared his deep thoughts. He said, “Whoever you are, I don’t know what type of sick game you think you’re playing, I don’t know if you think it’s cool to sneak in my house and put your hands on me as a joke. It’s not funny.”

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The Video Was Fake!

On 17 September 2023, Sunday DDG returned to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. He revealed that the video he posted before was not real, but rather fake. The 25-year-old Michigan Rapper was getting numerous messages from his well-wishers and fans worried about him. However, now it’s been revealed that the whole video was just a skit.

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