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Deepak Kalal Sonia Arora Leaked Video Goes Viral, Causes A Stir On The Internet



Deepak Kalal Sonia Arora Viral Video Causes A Stir On The Internet

Deepak Kalal is known for the out-of-the-box-type videos he posts all across his social media accounts. His personality and how he presents himself online have been a conversation and debate. Some people find it funny and entertaining, while some are irritated by it because it gives off pretentious vibes just for the sake of gaining attention. Kala is known for being vocal about things happening around them, he is not afraid of voicing his thoughts over topics on the insert.

Deepak Kalal Sonia Arora Leaked Video Goes Viral

Recently there’s been an issue around the internet where it is said that Deepak Kalal’s MMS video has been leaked online. The MMS video allegedly had Sonia Arora in it. The video shocked fans and followers all over the internet as it came out so suddenly.

Fans are installed because of his issue as it’s an explicit private video that is getting reshared online creating a hostile environment for the fans and followers to surf through.

Caption- @_soniaarora69/ Instagram

This also reminds all of us about the breach and how easy it is to hack into someone’s data online these days. Things like this can happen to any of us if we’re not aware of how we’re sorting through important data.

Leakage of personal images or videos is not only harmful to the coal presence of a person but it is awful for the mental health too. So being mindful before posting something on the internet is highly recommended.

Deepak Kalal Sonia Arora’s Viral Video is all over the internet currently and has gained momentum. Deepak Kala identifies himself as a man and prefers the ‘he/him’ pronouns yet dresses up like a woman on the internet just for the clout.

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This gives us the possibility of the leaked video scenario being an intentional move to gain attention on the insert. However, nothing has been released officially by the accused yet.

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