Deepak Sharma, AIFF member, released on bail in assault case

A local court in Goa has granted bail to Deepak Sharma, a member of the AIFF executive committee, who was arrested for allegedly assaulting two women players. The incident took place during the Football league in Goa. The women players from Khad Football Club accused Sharma of misbehaving.

According to Superintendent of Police (North) Akshat Kaushal, the players filed a complaint stating they were physically assaulted by Sharma. However, a group of women football players from the team supported Sharma, claiming the allegations were baseless and stating their long association with him.

The women who came out in support of Sharma mentioned that one of the complainants had left the hotel room late at night, prompting Sharma to question her. They expressed their disbelief in the accusations made against him and emphasized their positive experiences with him over the past decade. Sharma has been granted unconditional bail by the court.

The incident has sparked a debate within the football community in Goa, with conflicting statements from the women players involved. The case is ongoing, with further investigations expected to shed light on the events that transpired during the Football league in which the incident occurred.


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