WATCH: Dexter Reed Getting Fired 96 Times In 41 Seconds Video Goes Viral

The video of a deadly police shooting that occurred last month in Garfield Park has surfaced on the internet. It was shared on social media by the Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Tuesday.

A 26-year-old Dexter Reed was killed on March 21 by the Chicago police during a traffic stop. The incident ended with dozens of bullets.

COPA stated that Reed hit an officer by firing first. Then four more officers, in response, fired at Reed. As per COPA, officers fired approximately 96 times in 41 seconds. Out of which, 50 shots were fired alone by a rookie officer of 23 years old. 

Five Chicago police officers pulled over Reed on March 21 after 6 p.m. along the 3800 block of West Ferdinand Street. 

When Reed was hindered for violation pertaining to by his seat belt, his SUV was filled with at least a dozen bullet holes.

In the wake of this, Dexter shifted to the passenger side. However, the police did not stop. In the video, Reed can be spotted not moving. After that, three more shots were fired at him by the police. 

As per the police’ deadly force policy, firing should continue until the malicious threat is stopped. Later, Dexter passed away at Mt. Sinai Hospital, in a critically injured condition. 

Initially, how many shots Reed fired remains unknown. However, video shows him firing multiple shots. 

The person who was on the passenger side of the vehicle was in a safe condition. Moreover, a gun was found at the scene. 

Reed was allegedly carrying a gun when the shooting occurred. Two weeks ago because of this incident, he was sent to court on a gun charge when he encountered a police officer. 

Dexter Reed’s Shooting Video Goes Viral 

When the bodycam video was released on Tuesday, netizens stunted Chicago traffic. Dozens of people were spotted at the intersection of Kedzie and west Harrison West traffic, reported ABC Chicago.

As per the Chicago Fire Department, one woman got serious injuries during the protest. She was later shifted to Mount Sinai Hospital.

The crowd was triggered by police intervention. “Many of those officers work at the same station as the four who shot and killed Dexter Reed.”

Dexter Reed’s sister, Porscha Banks said, “The 11th District, should be accountable for everything they did, and I will not let them rest without suffering for what they did to my older brother”.

CNN reported that, Dexter Reed’s entire family is devastated and depressed after witnessing his brutal death. 

The father of Dexter Reed, Dexter Reed Sr., told police,

“I talked to Mayor Johnson on Sunday and explained to him that those officers need to be held accountable”.

John Catanzara, the Chicago Familial Order of Police President said,

“He made a conscious decision to fire first upon these officers, and if you look at video that shows the shooting from a distance, you can clearly see the officer leaning in and looking through the passenger side window of the vehicle when he is shot.”

Johnson on Tuesday morning expressed that he extended his condolences to Dexter Reed. He added that he prayed for the injured officer’s full recovery. 

In the wake of the protests, Mayor Brandon Johnson assured that transparency would be provided for the people of Chicago. Thus, COPA and Mayor Brandon’s Attorney’s Office will work together to provide transparency. 

Johnson stated,

“Shooting a police officer can never be condoned. Never condoned, never excused. I will never stand for that and neither will the city of Chicago. And we also have to be clear that we hold our police to the highest of standards.”

The recommendations, findings and conclusions from this shooting incident might take some months to be out by the Chicago police. 

The Chicago Police Department in a statement on Tuesday said,

“This shooting remains under investigation by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) with the full cooperation of the Chicago Police Department. We cannot make a determination on this shooting until all the facts are known, and this investigation has concluded.”

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