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Dhruv Rathee vs Elvish Yadav: Dissecting The Feud Between Both YouTubers

Dhruv Rathee and Elvish Yadav are two well-known content creators who are as different as cheese and chalk.

Their personalities and their circles of interest are miles apart. However, of late they have been crossing swords and leaving no opportunity to punch each other on social media. However, what is the genesis of this feud and how did it end with both making hateful statements against one another?

Before we delve deeper into this feud, let us get acquainted with the background of these two YouTubers.

Dhruv Rathee & Elvish Yadav Content Background

Dhruv Rathee is a well-known influencer who delves into several topics related to politics, social concerns, and current events. He is well-known for his highly informative and analytical content which aims to educate the common man about complicated topics related to politics and current affairs. Once a great admirer of Narendra Modi, he has turned into one of the harshest critics of his policies.

Elvish Yadav is the opposite of Dhruv Rathee. While the latter is more serious and phlegmatic, the former is more carefree, and this percolates into the content he uploads on YouTube, which is known for being lighter and entertainment-oriented. Comedy and sarcasm are the epitome of his content, and he has been able to garner a significant following, not less, if not more than Rathee’s followers.

The Clash Of The Titans

The genesis of this feud can be traced to a video that Elvish had posted in which he had mocked Rathee’s content style, especially towards politics, labeling it as overly serious and biased.

The video did not augur well with Rathee’s followers, who followed it with a deluge of comments.

Elvish’s followers also did not take the response by Rathee’s followers lightly and hit back with full force.

Dhruv reacted in the form of a series of posts on X and also in the form of a video in which he defended his content and questioned the credibility of Elvish’s arguments.

Rathee also hammered home the fact that serious topics like politics need deep analysis and cannot be dissected frivolously.

What irked Elvish most was the anti-Indian banter of Dhruv, who alleged that Dhruv had a political bias and was attached to AAP, and even served as a media advisor for the party.

On June 1, Elvish released a video about Dhruv’s anti-India propaganda and stated that the picture is not complete and asked his folks to get ready for a big scoop. Elvish also was in the news recently for his take on the issues of minorities in POK. He also, taking a cue from All Eyes On Rafah, started a trend All Eyes On POK.

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