Diagnosis Bone Cancer Doctor in Jaipur

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Bone cancer mainly starts from one bone in the body but generally affects long bones or pelvis bone in the legs and arms. Around 1% of all cancers occur as it is a rare disease. Symptoms and signs of bone cancer comprise of:-

  • Fatigue
  • Bone pain
  • Accidental weight loss
  • Weakening of bone causes fracture
  • Tenderness and swelling near the affected area

When To Go For Bone Cancer Doctor in Jaipur

Take an appointment with the bone cancer doctor in Jaipur if you are having bone pain that:-

  • In night become worse
  • Goes and come
  • Is not helped by pain relievers

Diagnosis of Bone Cancer

The bone cancer doctor in Jaipur will ask you the symptoms you are having or any medical history and physically examine you. They look at your bones pictures that are in the form of:-

  • X-rays:– These pictures show the size of the tumor.
  • CT scan:- The computer makes use of X-ray to make a more clear picture.
  • PET scans:- The technician vaccinates radioactive glucose in your vein. After that scanner is used to mark out the cancer cells who are using more glucose as compared to regular cells.
  • MRI scans:- These are used to display strong magnets inside your body.
  • Bone scans:- The technician vaccinates a radioactive material which is different in your vein. It will be collected in your bones from where the scanner can detect it.

The bone cancer doctor in Jaipur may also do your blood test for looking after 2 enzymes that may be the sign of blood cancer. Diagnosis is confirmed by the procedure of biopsy. The doctor takes a tumour sample with the help of a needle or from a cut in the skin. The cells or tissue will be looked at under a microscope by a good doctor. They will then tell you that the tumour is primary or benign or secondary. They will detect its speed of growing.

Treatment of Bone Cancer By Doctor in Jaipur

If you are suffering from a benign tumour the bone cancer doctor in Jaipur will do your treatment with medication. They might take out that tumour which has more chances to spread and form cancer. Tumours may come back in some cases even after their treatment has finished. The tumour that creates cancer requires strong treatment and care from multiple specialists of bone cancer. The treatment will depend on various things like how much it is spread and which doctor will detect its stage. There are some of the common treatments of bone cancer that includes:-

  • Chemotherapy:- This therapy kills tumor cells with the help of cancer drugs. The bone cancer doctor in Jaipur uses it before or after surgery or for metastatic cancer.
  • Amputation:- If the tumor is large in size and reaches your blood vessels and nerves the bone cancer doctor in Jaipur may remove your limb. Afterward, you will get an artificial limb.
  • Limb salvage surgery:- The bone cancer doctor in Jaipur removes that part of the bone that has cancer but is not close to tendons, muscles, or other tissue. In place of bone, they will place a metallic implant.
  • Radiation Therapy:- This therapy shrinks the tumor and kills cancer cells with strong X-rays. The bone cancer doctor in Jaipur uses it with the surgery.
  • Targeted Therapy:- The treatment of drugs targets a certain protein, genetic, or another change in cancer cells.

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If you have any symptoms of bone cancer then don’t delay to go for the best bone cancer doctor in Jaipur who will do your treatment in the best possible manner.

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