Did Iran Close Its AirSpace Over Tehran? News Agency Denies Having Published Any Such Event

Some media outlets had published news that the Iranian airspace had been closed down for some period.

Incidentally, the news about the closure of the airspace came just after a joint press conference by the US President and visiting Japanese Prime Minister, in which President Joe Biden said that it is only a matter of time before Iran will attack Israel.

The news was first reported by Mehr News agency, which said that the Iranian airspace above Tehran was closed for a brief period of time due to military drills.

The measure was taken as a precautionary measure to prevent a recurrence of any accidental shooting down of passenger airplanes.

On January 3, 2020, the commander of the Quds Force, Qassim Suleimani, was killed by the US Air Force near Baghdad Airport.

This triggered retaliation by Iran, which launched a barrage of missiles at US positions in Iraq. At that time, the Iranian airspace was not closed for civilian flights, and a Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 carrying 176 passengers was shot down by Iranian missiles.

Tensions between Iran and Israel have increased in recent days, especially after Iran warned of a response after Israel attacked the Iranian embassy in Syria, which killed several high-ranking Revolutionary Guard Generals.

The airspace could have been closed for military exercises aimed at Israel.

The news item by Mehr News agency has since been removed, but users have been able to take screenshots and have since shared it on social media.

The report was posted on X by the semi-official news agency, which quoted the Iranian defense minister as saying that all air traffic had been suspended over Tehran from 2030 GMT on Wednesday “due to military drills.”

Later, the news agency denied that any such news item had been published.

Tensions in the Middle East have become very high, with fears that war in Gaza could spread to other areas.

On one hand, the war in Gaza continues, with civilian casualties mounting with each passing day.

The war was precipitated by a brazen terror attack into Israel by Hamas on October 7, which led to the death of 1200 Israeli civilians.

The war in Gaza has claimed 33,000 Palestinian lives and over 600 Israeli soldiers.

Iran-backed proxies in Lebanon and Yemen have also been carrying out attacks intermittently on Israel.

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