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Discussion on Business Models for Hydrogen Transportation at Global Summit in Delhi

New Delhi, March 21 (IANS) The five-day global hydrogen partnership meeting hosted by India discussed business models for transportation, production, and storage of Hydrogen and explored international collaborations in finance, policy, and regulations, as per an official statement on Thursday.

Delegates from the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) presented country updates on R&D, policy developments, and clean Hydrogen strategies. They also discussed initiatives related to production, storage, transportation, infrastructure development, and workforce upskilling.

Deliberations included topics on regulatory framework, emission savings, dedicated Hydrogen infrastructure, public awareness, and high-efficiency, low-cost approaches. The importance of promoting membership for wider international participation, including countries from the Global South, was highlighted during the meeting.

It was agreed that the European Commission will host the 42nd Steering Committee during European Hydrogen Week in November this year. The Chair of the Committee emphasized the need for bold measures to accelerate the deployment of green Hydrogen across various sectors of the economy on a priority basis.

The 41st Steering Committee Meeting of IPHE, which began on March 18, is scheduled to conclude on March 22, aiming to further discussions on driving the adoption of clean Hydrogen technologies worldwide.


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