Dividers’ height to be raised to stop jaywalking in Greater Noida

Greater Noida is all set to experience high median dividers made with concrete cement in the main stretches to stop jaywalking. Locations, where the dividers will be replaced, include  Sectors Pi 2 and 4, Surajpur-Kasna Road,  Knowledge Park R2, R1 and Greater Noida to Boraki railway station’s 105-metre stretch, as per the officials of GNIDA. As of now, in these busy locations, the height of dividers is 4ft high and can be easily used to cross the roads for jaywalking in the middle of busy traffic thus leading to road accidents. 

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“The routes, which witness heavy traffic flow, are vulnerable to accidents as people cross these roads in the absence of safer pedestrian corridors. The heights of the dividers will be raised to prevent jaywalking,” stated by Narottam Chaudhary, senior manager at GNIDA. Plus, stray cows can often be found in the middle of roads. “Strays not only invade the green spaces but also suddenly come in between the moving traffic and cause serious injuries to themselves and commuters,” he further stated. The work will soon commence by next month i.e. June and is expected to be completed by the next 6 months, according to the officials. It will incur cost of Rs 1 crore. Lately, GNIDA is making plans to make the area more artistic through artwork. 

According to the statement made by the concerned officials, the assigned contractors will complete the task within the assigned timeframe. If fails, they have to work overtime. Plus with the ongoing preparations for the G20 summit in September, the GNIDA is already working on making the overall city look beautiful. The authority is planning to set up cement flower pots along with flower beds. This will add to more beauty of the city for the tourist during the G20 summit. 

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