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Divya Vasant, The Former Anchor Of Kannada News Channel ‘Gicchi Giligili’ Is Absconding, Police Name Her In Extortion Scandal

Divya Vasant, the former anchor of Kannada News Channel ‘Gicchi Giligili’ is in news but this time she is for a completely different reason which cannot be described as honorable. The Anchor along with her associates has been charged with honey trapping and blackmailing a massage spa owner in Bangalore and demanding more than 18 lakhs as extortion money.

Divya Vasant first gained fame as a news anchor and later was well known for her Instagram reels and YouTube videos. However this time she is in the news after she was named in an extortion racket. The police have arrested three persons for threatening the manager of a ‘spa’ under B Nagar police station and trying to extort money.

The arrested include Raj News news channel CEO Venkatesh and Divya Vasantha’s brother Sandesh. Divya Vasantha has been reported missing and the police are searching for her.

Venkatesh and Divya were reported to have created a WhatsApp group named ‘Spy Research Team’ and were operating under its guise. Divya who was earlier working in a private news channel left her job and started singing rap songs and was also very active on social media.

Divya was earning a salary 15 to 20 thousand and was from a middle-class family. She joined hands with Venkatesh who later introduced Divya as a presenter for his YouTube channel. Greed soon got over and the two started extortion and their victims include Rich people, massage parlors and doctors. Police investigations revealed that the duo employed methods like honey trapping their victims, filming them in compromising positions and then blackmailing them for huge sums.

As per the Police investigations Venkatesh and Divya’s team had extorted money from more than 100 people and varying amounts from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakhs were transferred to their accounts online.

Their latest target was the Manager of Shree Spa and Beauty Parlor in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. The duo first sent a woman from North East to work at the massage parlor. Later Divya sent her brother Sandesh to the spa in the guise of a customer. Incidentally Sandesh booked a massage session with the same woman from North East whom the gang had sent to work at the spa.

The parlor girl and Sandesh were then filmed in a compromising position. The duo then threatened the spa manager who was shown the recorded video and was charged that prostitution was going on in the spa. The duo demanded a ransom of 18 lakhs which was later reduced to Rs 8 lakh to keep the incident under wraps.

However the spa manager went to the JB Nagar police station and the police were successful in arresting Venkatesh and Sandesh and are continuing their search for the other accused. Divya Vasant’s house in Laggere was raided in connection with the case and incriminating objects including camera and laptop were seized.

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