Divyendu delves into the complexities of his character Munna in ‘Mirzapur’

Actor Divyendu has confirmed that he will not be part of the upcoming third season of the popular streaming series ‘Mirzapur’. In an exclusive interview with ‘Human of Bombay’, he revealed, “I shall declare, I am not a part of Mirzapur Season 3.”

Divyendu, who gained fame for his role as Munna Tripathi in the crime drama, shared insights into his character, describing him as a troubled soul. Despite fan speculations that Munna might still be alive after the dramatic conclusion of season two, the actor’s statement has put an end to the rumors.

Reflecting on his experience portraying Munna, Divyendu expressed, “For me, Munna was a really troubled soul. I knew that this was a banger of a script and it would be iconic. It would explode. But, funnily enough, initially, I was approached for Babloo’s character but then a couple of days later they realised I would be a much better fit for Munna.”

The actor also shared the challenges of delving deep into his character, admitting that it took a toll on his mental health. He cautioned against over-romanticizing the process of immersing oneself in a role, stating, “It’s so tricky that you don’t even realise that you are in that zone. It’s only when you come out of it you realise how dark it was.”


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